Hi everyone, I'm Cyndaquil155.

About Me

Favorite Pokemon (Japan-inspired Regions)

1.Charizard(It's AWESOME!!!!!!)

2.Sceptile(It's amazing speed!)

3.Infernape(It Sweeps like no other!)

4.Typhlosion(You train it by it's nature)

5.The Turtwig family (If their fast, they rock!)

6.The Buizel family (cute and fast, just what like!)

7.Pikachu ( What more can be said about this cutie...)

8.Totodile (Ash's is so funny...!)

9.Lucario (It looks so cool, and their stats are AMAZING)

10.Corphish (Train it right, It'll be AWESOME!!!!)

History with Pokemon


Well, when it comes to Pokémon, I've been a fan since I was 2. However, this is only true for the anime. I had crap-loads of videos from the original series even though I didn't know what Pokemon was about. When I got like 5 I was in more love other anime like DBZ or Gundam, so then, Pokémon bored me and I only picked back up on it like end of Johto-beginning of Hoenn, and I still didn't stay consistent! But then I heard that the anime was moving to Cartoon Network, I tried to wake up every morning to catch it but unfortuneately, I missed the first 2 episodes. Finally, I got to see AG148 and been watching it dubbed and in the original Japanese ever since. However, I've been getting sick of Ash's idiocy when it comes to battling, such as DP131 and DP132 or DP189. Nevertheless, I still love the anime, despite its shortcomings!


I've been playing Pokémon games ever since I was 6...now, I'm 14! My very first was Pokémon Ruby, which I got for graduatimg Kindegarten. I had no idea of the mechanics of the basics of the game, and I didn't get to the Elite Four until 2005 or 2006. I got Pokémon Sapphire later that year for getting good grades in the 1st grade. Then, for Christmas 2004, I got Pokémon LeafGreen (I actually wanted FireRed, but I guess I'm not the only Charizard fan). Later, in 2005, I got Pokémon Emerald, the GBA game I still play today. So, being content with almost all Gen III games in 2006, I had no idea of the Pokémon revolution that was Gen IV, so I didn't bother getting a DS......until, late 2006...it was then I knew I needed a DS... and the perfect time, my birthday! And so, I did....then Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out, and I didn't get Diamond until June 8, 2007. It was my first DS game and I still have it. In late 2008, I saw that Platinum had come out in Japan via a GameStop poster, but I was on punishment when it came out, and therefore, I DIDN'T get it. But, I who didn't know the Johto story got a second chance with HeartGold and SoulSilver and on March 27, 2010, I got HeartGold, but as of now I have no idea where it is. My most recent quest with the games was Gen V, as I started formulating teams in September! I waited almost a year for the games to surface, and on March 20, 2011, I got Pokémon Black for a late birthday present. On March 25, I completed the main story and currently I'm doing certain things I can do as the Champion and explore Unova/Isshu as the Trainer that I am.....