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Hello, fellow Bulbapedians. My username is Chalkwriter and I will try and help Bulbapedia as best as I can (that is why I am here). I like to make up for one userpage edit with two mainspace edits to keep Bulbapedia happy. I am also good at the DS sidegames so feel free to ask any questions (bearing in mind that I may not know the answer myself). As you read this you will also find I like parenthetical remarks.

My Thoughts on Legendary Pokémon in Diamond

I am an inbetweener when it comes to using them. I think that they should be used (good moves, good stats, utter destruction). However, DO NOT comprise a team of just legendaries is no good. I had a think and realised that over half of the legendaries are weak to either dark or fighting (most of the remaining legendaries are event Pokémon, and Arceus, if the wrong plate is attached, can find itself straddled by one of the two types). So there you are if you need help in that department!

My Teams

Unfortunately, I am not going to tell you my teams for three reasons:

  1. I don't have wifi.
  2. I don't like a permanent team.
  3. I don't think I am far enough in the game to tell you.

Oh well, maybe next time (my player name is Kraken, by the way).

History of Some of my more Notable Members in Pokémon Diamond

  •  Leafman: My starter. Beat Roark nice and easily with the help of Karate Kid (more on him later). Evolved into Torterra for my match with Byron and completely pasted his Steelix.
  •  Birdster: The Pokémon on Route 201 are the most useful Pokémon of all. Birdster is no exception. Very useful with Gardenia and Maylene. I hope it will soon evolve in Staraptor.
  •  Flash: Impossible to be without. Highest leveled team member so far (it is at Level 41). Maylene, Crasher Wake, Fantina, Byron, you have fond memories of Flash, don't you? Ooh yes, good memories.
  •  Karate Kid: I played Diamond twice. This one came about on the second run. Byron wished he hadn't used an attaking move with Bastiodon. One-hit KO (I used Revenge if you're curious).
  •  Horseflame: After wiping the floor with Candice, it became an invaluable member of my team.

There should be Pokémon with more use, I think. Along with my notable team members, Here is a list of Pokémon that should be used more.


New Page! Here is my sandbox.

My Favourites

Here is a list of why my favourite Pokémon are my favourite Pokémon:

  •  Dialga: Tough, resilient and good all-rounder.
  •  Shaymin: Chosen not because of power, but because in aesthetically pleasing to me.
  •  Spiritomb: Looks great, invincible and good against Psychic types (you will realise why this is good if you read the rest of my page, so read it!).


So this is the end of my userpage. I hope you enjoyed reading it (now help Bulbapedia and don't waste time looking at these pages!).--Chalkwriter