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Hey there! I'm very much a novice with wikicode (most of anything I do comes from seeing what others have done, the userbox being a prime example), so I'm not going to bother with anything fancy for my user page.

I've lurked on this page for a few years, making a couple of very minor edits here and there and mostly just utilizing the existing knowledge base. However, when X and Y came out, it was the first time that I'd owned a Pokémon game and played it right at release, so I saw an opportunity to finally contribute something worthwhile! I finally found a gap on character clothing and hopped over to fill things in. Other people started the tables, but I filled the holes (with help from others) and eventually revamped the tables to make it easier to tell which items are available in which boutiques on which days. That sucker's the most complicated thing I've ever managed on a wiki, but I think I did all right. Anyway, I'll probably continue to make minor spelling, grammar, and/or content edits as time goes on.