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Uh, "US: Green"? Isn't that a bit ethnocentrial? What about the U.K., Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and all the other places which have an English version of this series? In fact, the English version of Blue is still known as Green in the translations being done by Chuang Yi, which aren't even released in the U.S.

Perhaps it is. But I was a too lazy to type in English. And, please sign your comments (append ~~~~) -- 刘 (劉) 振霖 01:14, 8 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Would NA & EU: greeen be more apropos then? ~Tyger

That still leaves out other countries like Australia, Singapore, etc. How about just "English: Green"? ~Ketsy

And for the record, so nobody has a heart attack, English doesn't mean England, it means the language. =p


Would that be bald-faced or bold-faced for her lies? I don't read the manga, but if she's as cunning as the article suggests, then her lies would be bold-faced, no? --Meowth346

I suspect she meant bald-faced, to show her skills of persuasion. - 刘 (劉) 振霖 14:07, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I wasn't aware there were two different sayings like that. @_@ -Ketz

I'm pretty sure 'bald-faced' and 'bold-faced' mean the exact same thing.--BJ

A bald-faced would be very presumptuous, very obvious perhaps. A bold-faced lie is, well, bold. Er, I don't explain well... Maybe an example of each.

Bald-faced lie: "No one's ever been unsatisfied with these shiny-coat items."

Bold-faced lie: "Using these items makes a Pikachu's coat shiny."

Eh, I'm not too good at giving examples, either ^_^;; Maybe her lies /are/ bald-face, maybe they're bold-faced. I've seen these two get confused a lot, and I don't read the manga, so I figured I'd ask. --Meowth346


In the trivia, it says her Snubble got a sex change. IT think thats crude and a little... well... I just think its an error and needs to be listed as such. And thoughts?--Goukazaru

It sounds so... wrong. If you've got a sick mind like mine, that is... Tina δ 03:12, 2 December 2007 (UTC)
Could be a continuity error in the actual manga and not an article error here. Additionally, the continuity error might not happen in all versions of the manga--for all we know, this bit could be one of Chuang Yi's infamous mistakes that keep some people from actually trusting them. Of course, Chuang Yi might have just translated a Japanese error...--Shiningpikablu252 03:14, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

I just meant the way it was stated kinda needs reworded. Sorry for any misconceptions.--Goukazaru 03:36, 5 December 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, regardless of who made the error, be it the writers or the translators, it's clearly an error rather than an actual intended sex change, and should be noted as such... Also, if this indeed true and her Granbull is indeed listed as female in Volume 24, shouldn't it be listed as female here, as that is later? Or at least have gender disputed or not display the gender. If it does indeed, in the Japanese version, go from male to female, then there's no reason it should be listed as male. Gastlys mama 23:38, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

Please Help Me

For the Life of me i can't find Green's Game information, i tried Green (Game) LeafGreen (Game) and Midori (Game), what ever happened to it?- unsigned comment from Gaiden (talkcontribs)

As in Pokémon Green Version? or Green from the Special Manga? or Green from the game?•Pokemaniac102 14:53, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Are you talking about this girl?•Pokemaniac102 15:00, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
Try Leaf (game). --Shiningpikablu252 16:03, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Oh thank you for taking the time to help me, i was searching for Leaf (game), your the best -- User:Mcbowser 06:16 21, May 2008 (UTC)


I saw about the combined party, so don't forget about her!--KukiTalk 02:20, 21 June 2008 (UTC)


I find it funny that we name her Blastoise by its English nickname yet we call her by her Japanese name. Why are we doing this? In English, she's called Green. Green is Blue in English. This would be like calling Ash "Satoshi". --ケンジガール 09:52, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

I agree completely but people are crazy and wont listen. This is an English wikipedia. It should use the English names. I just searched "Green"(Leaf) and got Blue(Gary).... This is insane. --Blake 00:16, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
You probably should hide the W-word before the Echidna sees it. I don't have any manga knowledge, so I'll stay out of making a judgment here. It does seem kinda silly though, especially seeing that Blue(ga)=Green(sp). — THE TROM — 00:23, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
Besides, the Viz reissues are nearing release. Simply put, if Viz calls the Gary clone Green in the reissues, then Viz would without a doubt call this character Blue in the reissues and then this whole name issue will be rendered absolutely moot, even if the rest of the translation remains the same. The chance does exist for Viz to rectify the name switch, given how the naming schemes for English FireRed and LeafGreen went (which, in turn, left some people wondering how Viz would have handled things had they reached Volume 22 in the original releases)...--Shiningpikablu252 02:51, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
It may be an English-language Pokémon wiki, but can't we just stick with the current scheme of things, where all references to the characters are based on the English version of their Japanese names? Unless you're willing to go through every single page which refers to both Green and Blue and change them accordingly. TheChrisD RantsEdits 16:33, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
I suggest waiting for Viz's re-releases. If they change the names back to Japanese order, we'll stick to the current scheme. If they don't, I suggest moving it definitely and officially. I think the odds are they will leave the English scheme alone but who knows... --Maxim 17:03, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
Well, the new Viz volume is out. Green (the female) won't appear until next volume, but Red's rival/Professor Oak's grandson/the Gary equivalent is named Blue. I guess that answers that? --DarkfireTaimatsu 21:23, 3 June 2009 (UTC)
Well, firstly, they're likely just reprints so waiting until the FRLG saga would be a good idea (though I don't doubt they'll make sure of consistency). Plus, Green and Blue are linked from multiple pages and not in the same context. Who wants to go change every single link? TTEchidna 21:58, 3 June 2009 (UTC)
Might could get a bot to do it, but I see your point... I still don't like it, though. >_> --DarkfireTaimatsu 22:03, 3 June 2009 (UTC)
I see no need to wait until FRLG... They are encountered in the GSC Saga, and that should be good enough since Viz has never published those.
Alternatively, I would be willing to go and change every instance if we make the switch now. Fear of the work involved is NOT a good reason to not change them. --LaprasBoi 13:38, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
But the fact that universally it's declared that Green is paired with Red, unlike what was the case before FRLG came out, is the real issue here, especially since FRLG didn't become FRWB elsewhere.
Plus, there's the teensy little fact that we call the manga Pokémon Special instead of Pokémon Adventures anyway. Everyone knows it as Special, everyone knows this girl as Blue and Red's rival as Green. TTEchidna 17:13, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
Officials > Everyone, IMHO. We're not FanonPedia. --Maxim 17:15, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
Says the guy who made Platina Platinum... You do know that the Japanese word for it is "はっきん", right? TTEchidna 17:20, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
I did it because of the Netkun Website spelling. I have ALWAYS referred to her as Platina and I still do. But that's the official name. In Soviet Bulbagarden, fandom pisses on YOU!! --Maxim 17:28, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
Well, I really consider it like this, then... We don't call Gold "Kin" because his Japanese name is... Gold. Red's not Aka, Green's not Midori, and so on. TTEchidna 02:25, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

<- Are we really going to get into an argument over this? Although this is an English language Pokémon wiki, PokéSpe and I think a few other mangas are generally referenced based on the Japanese versions, since that's where they originated from. To decide that all manga has to be based on the English version would probably make things more complicated especially when it comes to things released in Japan and not released yet, or ever released, in English. TheChrisD RantsEdits 01:40, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, honestly, 90% of the manga is just done with Japanese names anyway. We call it PiPiPi, rather than MPJ, and no one I know calls them by their English names anyway. TTEchidna 02:23, 5 June 2009 (UTC)
Alot of people call Gary Blue, and Leaf Green. This is the only place I have seen it the otherway arround becides the random people on wikipedia changing the names arround and getting reverted. lol. The games call him Blue in Generation one, two, and three. The games call her Leaf in gen3, which represents the color Green. Just because one manga translater is confused doesnt mean everyone else should be. --Blake
I actually prefer MPJ to "PiPiPi". I hate that Japanese, overly cute, fancy titles. Some people use MPJ too. As for Special/Adventures - well, most people just prefer "Special". --Maxim 18:53, 6 June 2009 (UTC)
Where do you get this vague ‘statistic’ “most people”? --LaprasBoi 08:51, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

So, according to Dogasu, this is NOT just a reprint. It’s unflipped and edited differently, including some stuff that was not in the original release - yet they have still chosen to call the male rival Blue. I will be picking it up myself soon to verify, but this completely invalidates the argument that they are just using their original version, and calling these characters by these names out of habit. I also think it’s completely ludicrous to entertain for even one minute the notion that if they continue to publish the whole series, they will suddenly change the names of two main characters after some 20 volumes, half of which feature those characters. --LaprasBoi 08:51, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

I have now purchased it and confirmed this. While the same basic translation is used, there is extra content, and the existing text has been checked and altered in a few places by a new editor – and the publisher is the previous editor-in-chief, and would have been familiar with the change, as would all the people from Pokémon whom they had to work with on the new license and copyright. The whole thing also had to be re-lettered because of the unflipping, so if they had wanted to change Blue’s name to Green to match the Japanese version, they could have done so easily – and if they were ever going to, now would be the time. I am completely confident now that it is never going to happen, even if he becomes Green in English in HG and SS( Arceus forbid), unless they were to once again stop publishing and pick it up years later.( Of course, ignoring for a second the fact that you won’t act, it would be a little premature to do so anyway at the moment, as there is still the slight chance that they could change the female character’s name to Leaf or something.) I want to say again how perfectly ridiculous it is that Bulbapedia uses the English names, where available, for games, anime, TCG, even ships, and certain manga, yet still uses the Japanese for certain aspects of other manga, while also using the English names for aspects of those same manga. This is the English Pokémon wiki. There are other Pokémon wikis for other languages.
You say that “Special” and “Green”-boy/“Blue”-girl are more common among English-speaking readers, but you offer no evidence whatsoever. Whatever the percentage of those who use Japanese terms despite only reading the stories in English, I am sure that a larger percentage of readers have never even bothered to look it up on the internet and find out that the names were ever changed. If there were no existing or ongoing translations, or if Chuang Yi went the Japanese way, I could see that being reasonable, they have published more of the manga, longer, and more consistently that VIZ. But it’s not so. In the English publications “Aventures”, boy-“Blue”and girl-“Green” are ALWAYS used officially. --LaprasBoi 23:55, 26 June 2009 (UTC)
Exactly. People who didn't look into it that much would never know that the names were switched. The only thing this does is make everybody confused about who's who and having to say Blue(male) and Green(female) when we are talking about them. So who is going to be doing the name change in the articles? --Blake 14:21, 30 June 2009 (UTC)
I just wanna say... with game characters and anime characters, the english name is almost universally used. Why should it be different for the manga? (although I know it does get complicated for untranslated parts of mangas i.e. the last three volumes of Magical Pokémon Journey and anything after the Yellow arc in Pokémon Adventures) Zesty Cactus 03:21, 13 July 2009 (UTC)
does it really matter if we use the japanese translations? Its not gonna affect this wiki or anybody if we use the japanese translation. And if you are living outside of US (Which most of us are). You will realise that Viz only sells the best of pokémon adventures. not the complete volumes. even if Viz re-releases the volumes, it is likely not going to sell outside the US at all. Chuang Yi's translation is considered official almost anywhere around the world. Nobody knows what Viz is, and nobody really cares. So if we switch the names around, Ur gonna confuse more people than the normal translation.---> 223david 15:36, 26 July 2009 (UTC)
Now in general, I'm all for sticking to the Japanese names for things. However, that's not how this wiki does things. We don't use the names Satoshi, Tougan, Pluto and Hikari everywhere, we use Ash, Byron, Charon and Dawn, which is why we should do the same for Special/Adventures. While the original Japanese publication refers to Oak's grandson as "Green" and the girl as "Blue", this is switched around in all of the official English adaptions. Both the Chuang Yi and Viz editions do this, with the Chuang Yi version already at 30 volumes and Viz starting republication of their own edition. Remember, if Viz wanted to change it back the way it was in Japan, they would have done it in this new volume 1. No matter how you look at it, going by official English terminology Oak's grandson is "Blue" and the girl is "Green". Either we change these names to the English ones, or we change EVERY OTHER NAME to the Japanese ones. That's how consistency works. --Sato 13:53, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
Well there are few days until the release of VIZ’s new volume two, there is still a minute chance the girl could be called Leaf( unless anyone has an advance copy?), but, yeah. --LaprasBoi 12:57, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
223david, I think you misunderstood a big point: Chaung Yi uses the same names for Blue and Green that VIZ does. So even if we are considering Chuange Yi’s translation official instead of VIZ’s, the articles should still be called Adventures with these characters at the opposite names. --LaprasBoi 12:57, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
Special is special, so it's staying at Special. No one on Earth calls it "Pokémon Adventures" except the publishers. And swapping Green and Blue would necessitate a thorough relinking of a whole crapton of stuff. Special follows different rules from the anime and the games, and that's always been the case. Leave it as is. TTEchidna 22:33, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
“No one on Earth calls it "Pokémon Adventures" except the publishers.”? That’s bull. Anyone who has ever read it English and not researched online about the Japanese version does not even know the name “SPECIAL” exists. So all those readers call it Adventures. I call it Adventures. The other 3 readers I know in person all call it Adventures. About 90% of the American and Australian readers I know online outside of this wiki and maybe 15-25% I know from here call it Adventures despite knowing its origin, as do both readers I know from Singapore, the one from Korea, and most of the dozen or so from Europe. It’s also called Adventures on MangaFox, where many fans read the scanned Chuang Yi and amateur scanslations to keep up with stuff not yet released by VIZ. If “no one” called it Adventures, do you think any of us would care enough to make the argument?
And being afraid of the work is NOT a good enough reason to keep them at the wrong names. Names which are confusing at that, since the original rival’s game article name refers not to his counterpart but to someone else entirely in the manga. I know you are hoping he will be renamed Green in the English translation of HG/SS, but what if he’s not? The change would be easily accomplished with bots in two stages, or I will manually do ALL the switching myself if you prefer. I have a plan that would make it quite simple( though tedious without bot assistance). It’s not that different from the change you would have to do if he IS renamed in the new games anyway.
There is no reason to keep it the way it is when we use English names for EVERYTHING non-manga( and even for stuff within this manga like Keane and Chermaine) except for personal bias on your part and CP!’s. And while that is, unfortunately, technically a viable reason considering that you are in charge, that still does not make it logical or reasonable. --LaprasBoi 12:57, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
Ladies, please... TheChrisD RantsEdits 16:04, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
This issue was already raised there, trom seemed to say to keep the discussion here so it would all be in one place. If you want to move the discussion there, you could always try to get permission to cut and past the whole thing to that page.
Also, it is nearly impossibly to see the alternate text of a tt template when the display text consists wholly of a link. --LaprasBoi 16:24, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
What started as a simple "Blue vs Green" debate has rapidly turned into a "Special vs Adventures" debate, or at least that's how it's coming across to me. Hence my suggestion to move to the project page, since it should be of concern to the project members. TheChrisD RantsEdits 16:33, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
Well to me it still looks like a Green/Blue debate, with Adventures/“Special” as a secondary but inextricably related issue. While I would like to see it changed to Adventures all over, for the moment I would settle for just switching these two articles for the sake of consistency – after all, we don’t have articles titled Kurtz, Siam, or Kiwame, so why use japanese name translations for just these two, especially when it causes confusion with the boy’s game counterpart?( And I have repeatedly volunteered to do all the grunt work myself, even though it would be easier to get a bot to do it).
But if you want to move the debate, regardless of what the focus is, don’t take it up with me and the other users here. Take it up with TTE and CP! and get permission to move all this stuff to the project talk page. --LaprasBoi 17:19, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
Would it be worth holding a one month poll (or something like that) on the forums to see whether the "Male Blue/Adventures" or "Female Blue/Special" naming system is preferred? Then we have a majority opinion from a fairly large sample of Pokémon fans and we can just settle this once and for all with evidence for what's preferred by most of the readers and not just the people in charge? I'm sure that if a majority opinion were formed in favour of "Female Blue/Special" then people who would prefer the Viz/Chuang Yi names (including myself) would keep quiet(er) about the debate. Zesty Cactus 00:55, 20 August 2009 (UTC)
Okay, the poll has been considered. But it will not be made until after the release of the Japanese Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver it'll give some time with some things. --☆Coolピカチュウ! 01:03, 20 August 2009 (UTC)
Fair enough. Zesty Cactus 01:22, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

So... Has this poll happened yet. Cuz i'd like to get in on this and voice my opinion. Morgil27 19:03, 12 October 2009 (UTC)


I don't remeber Red and the boy whose name I better not state to avoid confusion returning the birds. They probaly did but you can't go on probaly. Lunick v sonela 07:54, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Blue (the girl) got them back after freeing lugia and Ho oh from the mask of time. ---> 223Dåv]d 08:02, 1 October 2009 (UTC)
Mask of Ice... --☆Coolピカチュウ! 08:10, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Regarding about her age.

Shouldn't Green's age be 20? I know it's a small error, but here's proof of the time line:

>RBG arc- 10 at the main start >Yellow arc- 2 years later (12) >GS arc- 1 year later (13) >Crystal arc- 13 >RS arc-15 >FrLg arc-16 >Emerald arc-17 >DPPt arc- (unknown)??? >HGSS arc- 20

Since HGSS takes place 3 years after Emerald, wouldn't the gang be nearly in their mid teen's to young adult?

I think I may be wrong too.

That's correct, but because she hasn't yet appeared in the HGSS arc we aren't changing it to 20. Once/if she does, then it'll be changed. Reign

Bird Phobia

She does NOT have a bird phobia. According to Wikipedia, a phobia is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. Since her fear is rational for she has been kidnapped by a bird, it is not a phobia. Slipperjeans 17:41, 27 August 2010 (UTC)

Um, NO. Whether or not you have been kidnapped by one, it is rational to be cautious or even fearful of birds big enough to pick you up. However, her complete paralysis while facing Doctor O’s tiny Spearow is clearly irrational. Your statement is the equivalent of saying that the survivor of a Mastiff attack should rationally fear a tiny Chihuahua puppy. --LaprasBoi 02:20, 22 November 2010 (UTC)

Volume 14

So what are her Pokemon nicknames in the listing in Viz's version of Vol. 14? Needs to be reflected in the article. --Maxim 10:12, 2 August 2011 (UTC)

Jigglypuff is Jiggly (friggin' finally). Nidory is Nido. The others were unnamed (which means the Chaung Yi names stay, right?) Ataro 10:13, 2 August 2011 (UTC)
Yes, all English names used if given one. --CoolPikachu! 10:33, 2 August 2011 (UTC)
Only two Pokemon nicknamed? That's really strange. How about Red, then? --Maxim 10:44, 2 August 2011 (UTC)

Granbull's nickname?

Green's profile page in Pokémon Special's official website has her Pokémon names followed by their nicknames between parentheses. For her Snubbull, it's written ブルー(ブルー), what means "Snubbull (Snubbull)". When a Pokémon is nicknamed with its own species name and evolves the name is automatically changed. |) u |( e ® 21:20, 1 February 2012 (UTC)

I think you're checking the wrong section. On the Pokedex section of Netkun, lists Snubbull as (Bull (♂)/ Nickname: Bull). While on the section where Granbull is, it says (Granbull (♂)/ Nickname: Bull). His nickname is Bull, it's a pun on Green's Japanese name. Ataro 21:48, 1 February 2012 (UTC)
Japanese puns... Thank you. |) u |( e ® 21:59, 1 February 2012 (UTC)

Her Parents

Seriously... are there no pictures of them? I can't find any, nor can I get the volume with them (considering it hasn't been released in America yet). Does anyone have any pictures? - Pringles 23:53, 28 December 2013 (UTC)

And how do we know their blood types? 'Cuz I've been wondering... - Pringles 23:54, 28 December 2013 (UTC)
There are pictures, yes. Where does it say their blood types? Oh, Green's? The volumes usually list them. Ataro (talk) 01:01, 29 December 2013 (UTC)


Should we move this to Blue (Adventures) and move that article to here? I don't think the name switch is official. It only appears in certain translations. RubyLeafGreenCrystal 03:33, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

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