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Stephanie is a character of the day who appeared in Having a Wailord of a Time. She was not given a name in the original Japanese version.

Stephanie was going to select her first Pokémon from Nurse Joy in Slateport City. However, while Ash, Brock, and Max were guarding the starters, the Torchic became impatient and began running around the Pokémon Center. In its attempt to escape it battled against several of the group's Pokémon which eventually caused Torchic to evolve into a Combusken.

Initially, Ash and the others tried to hide the Combusken and use May's Torchic as a diversion so it would seem like nothing would happen. However their plan fell apart when May became suspicious of her Torchic's absence and the Combusken busted out of it hiding place. Stephanie's starter Pokémon decision was temporarily put on hold when Team Rocket attempted to steal a Wailord. Afterwards, Nurse Joy told Stephanie that Combusken would probably be a bad Pokémon for a beginning Trainer to use, so she chose Mudkip. In a surprising twist, her father was drawn to the Treecko, which became his own starter while Nurse Joy decided to keep the Combusken with her at the Pokémon Center.



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Stephanie's Mudkip
Stephanie's Mudkip was first looked after by Ash and Max. But, it appeared to be upset, so Brock's Mudkip stepped in. In the end, everything turned out fine and it was picked by Stephanie as her Starter Pokémon.

None of Mudkip's moves are known.

Debut Having a Wailord of a Time
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 吉原ナツキ Natsuki Yoshihara
English Stephanie Haber
Polish Iwona Rulewicz
Brazilian Portuguese Samira Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Mariana Ortiz
Spain Isacha Mengíbar


  • In the Japanese version, Stephanie was never given a name. She was only referred to as "Girl" in the credits.
    • Her English name, therefore, was likely inspired by her voice actress' name.
  • Even though Stephanie is a character of the day from the Hoenn region, she looks identical to a character of the day named Annie from Johto region.


Language Name Origin
English, French
Italian, German
Russian Стефани Stefani Transcription of English name

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