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These are the stats in Pokémon GO.

Appraisal screen in Pokémon GO since version 0.149.0

Pokémon have HP (also known as Stamina), Attack, and Defense stats, as well as CP to summarize the former three. Unlike the core games, Pokémon GO makes no distinction between physical or special damage; instead, all attacks simply use Attack and Defense to calculate damage. Of these four values in Pokémon GO, only HP and CP are directly visible. Since version 0.149.0, players can also directly see a Pokémon's IVs using the Appraise feature.

For more information on how damage is calculated in GO, see Damage → Pokémon GO.

Determination of stats

Calculating a Pokémon's stats in Pokémon GO depends on its species' base stats, its IVs, and Power Up level. Whereas the core games have many variables in which one Pokémon's stats can become different from another's, in Pokémon GO, ultimately only a Pokémon's IVs will distinguish its stats from another of the same species and form.

The formula for all three basic stats are



  • base refers to the relevant base stat
  • IV refers to the IV for the stat in question
  • CPM is the CP multiplier, which is determined by the Pokémon's current Power Up level.
  • For HP, the final result is rounded down to the nearest integer, with a minimum value of 10.

Pokémon defending a Gym also have twice their regular HP during Gym battles.


Combat Power (Japanese: 総合的 Total Power), abbreviated as CP (Japanese: CP), is a value derived from all three base stats to roughly indicate a Pokémon's capability in battle. This means that two Pokémon of the same species with the same CP may still have different underlying stats.

The formula for CP uses the values of the stats resulting from the formula above:


Like with HP, the value for CP is floored at 10, regardless of the Pokémon's actual stats. The calculation also does not round off stat values, and it uses the HP value before it is floored at 10.

Since Attack is factored directly into the formula for CP while HP and Defense are only factored in after taking their square root, this gives Attack a greater influence on the final value of CP than the other two stats.

In-battle modification

Since February 15, 2019, in Trainer Battles, some Charged Attacks have a chance of modifying either the user's or target's Attack and/or Defense stats after it is cast, regardless if the target uses a Protect Shield. These stats are undone if the Pokémon is switched out.

For a full list of these moves and their effects, see List of Charged Attacks
Stage multipliers
Stage -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4
Multiplier 4/8 4/7 4/6 4/5 4/4 5/4 6/4 7/4 8/4

Base stat conversion from the core series

Each Pokémon's base stats are based on its stats from the core series. Base stats for Pokémon and forms introduced in Generations I and II are calculated using the base stats from the Generation VI core series. Base stats for Pokémon and forms introduced from Generation III to VII are based on their Generation VII base stats. Base stats for Pokémon introduced from Generation VIII onward are based on their base stats in Generation IX.

Aside from a few outliers, such as Shedinja's HP, base stats in GO can be derived by the following formulas:[1]




  • HP is the HP stat from the core series
  • Attack is the Attack stat from the core series
  • Defense is the Defense and stat from the core series
  • SpAtk is the Sp. Attack stat from the core series
  • SpDef and Sp. Defense stat from the core series
  • Speed is the Speed stat from the core series
  • Nerf is determined as:
    • 0.91 if the Pokémon would have a CP ≥4000 at level 40 with max IVs, or if the Pokémon is Armored Mewtwo.
    • 0.97 if the Pokémon is Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon, or Primal Kyogre.
    • 1 if the Pokémon is a Mega evolved, and not listed above.
    • 1 in all other situations not mentioned.


  • Qwilfish and its Hisuian variant have different base stats in Pokémon GO, despite having identical stats in the core games. This is because Qwilfish had already existed in Pokémon GO before its stats were buffed in Generation VII.
  • Even though Zacian and Zamazenta became available in Pokémon GO more than a year prior to the release of Generation IX, their stats are consistent with the base stat changes that were subsequently implemented in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

In other languages


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 能力 Nàhnglihk
Mandarin 能力 Nénglì
  Dutch Statistiek
  French Stat
  German Statuswert
  Indonesian Statistik
  Italian Statistica
  Korean 능력 Neungnyeok
  Malaysian Stat
Portuguese   Brazil Atributo
  Portugal Estatística
  Spanish Característica
  Thai ค่าพลัง Khaplang
  Vietnamese Khả năng

Combat Power

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 攻擊力 Gūnggīklihk (CP)
Mandarin 攻擊力 Gōngjílì (CP)
  Dutch Combat Power (CP)
  French Points de combat (PC)
  German Wettkampfpunkte (WP)
  Italian Punti lotta (PL)
  Korean 강함을 나타내는 수치 Gangham-eul Natanaeneun Suchi (CP)
Portuguese   Brazil Poder de Combate (PC)
  Portugal Combat Power (CP)
  Russian Боевые Очки Boyevyye Ochki (CP)
  Spanish Puntos de Combate (PC)
  Thai พลังการต่อสู้ Phalang Kantosu (CP)
  Turkish Dövüş Gücü (DG)

Hit Points

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese HP *
體力 Táilihk *
Mandarin HP *
體力 / 体力 Tǐlì *
  Czech HP
  Danish (HP)
  Dutch Hit Points (HP)
  Finnish Kestopisteet (KP)
French   Canada HP*
  Europe Points de Vie (PV)
  German Kraftpunkte (KP)
  Hungarian Életerejének mértéke
  Indonesian (HP)
  Italian Punti Salute (PS)
  Korean 히트포인트 Hit Points (HP)
  Malaysian (HP)
  Norwegian (LP)
  Polish (HP)
Portuguese   Brazil Pontos de Saúde (PS)*
Hit Points (HP)*
  Portugal Hit Points (HP)
Pontos de Saúde*
  Russian Очки Здоровья Ochki Zdorov'ya (ОЗ) (OZ)
Spanish   Latin America Resistencia
  Spain Puntos de Salud (PS)
  Swedish (HP)
  Thai พลังชีวิต Phalang Chiwit (HP)
  Turkish SP
  Vietnamese (HP)
Sinh lực


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 攻擊 Gūnggīk *
攻擊力 Gūnggīklihk
Mandarin 攻擊 / 攻击 Gōngjí / Gōngjī *
攻擊力 / 攻击力 Gōngjílì / Gōngjīlì
  Czech Útok
  Danish Angreb
  Dutch Aanval
  Finnish Hyökkäys
  French Attaque
  German Angriff
  Hungarian Támadás
  Indonesian Serangan
  Italian Attacco
  Korean 공격 Gonggyeok
  Malaysian Serangan
  Norwegian Angrep
  Polish Atak
  Portuguese Ataque
  Russian Атака Ataka
  Spanish Ataque
  Swedish Anfall*
  Thai โจมตี Chomti
  Turkish Saldırı
  Vietnamese Sức tấn công


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 防禦 Fòhngyuh
防禦力 Fòhngyuhlihk
Mandarin 防禦 / 防御 Fángyù
防禦力 / 防御力 Fángyùlì
  Czech Obrana
  Danish Defense
  Dutch Verdediging
  Finnish Puolustus
  French Défense
  German Verteidigung
  Hungarian Védelem
  Indonesian Pertahanan
  Italian Difesa
  Korean 방어 Bang-eo
  Malaysian Pertahanan
  Norwegian Forsvar
  Polish Obrona
  Portuguese Defesa
  Russian Защита Zashchita
  Spanish Defensa
  Swedish Försvar
  Thai ป้องกัน Pongkan
  Turkish Savunma
  Vietnamese Sức phòng bị
Sức phòng thủ


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