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Anyone else wonder why he is Part Water type?: new section
Also, Palkia's roar seems to have two different parts. I just described the first part, now to tell about the second one. It sounds like a jet engine with an earthquake! How odd, I just saw this Godzilla video on YouTube and there was an opponent called King Ghidorah or something like that. . . and it sounds EXACTLY like Palkia's second roar! Hmmm. . . must have been recorded or something. . . --[[User:StewiesGiratina|StewiesGiratina]] 04:18, 14 December 2008 (UTC)
== Anyone else wonder why he is Part Water type? ==
I know he is the master of Space, and in no way does that encompass control over liquids, letalone water (at least not to a certain degree), but he is the mascot of [[Pokémon Pearl]], and ''Pearls'', as a mineral are found underwater, within clams. While I'm on the subject, ever wonder why Dialga is part steel? I think its because Diamonds, as far as we know, are the "''hardest''" Mineral on earth, and Dialga, as the mascot of Pokémon Diamond, must take on said responcibility of being like a Diamond, bearing Steel as his Primary Type, as in the games, Steel-type Pokémon are often thought of as the "''hardest''" Pokémon. Whether this is coincidence from giving them their resisting types (Palkia only has one weakness, for example) or Trivia, I do not know. I figure somebody has already thought of this before, but... just, uh, trying to keep the conversation going... '''<={''' [[User:Koratus|Koratus]] 04:16, 13 June 2009 (UTC) '''}=>'''