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Joined 12 April 2009
Teach Toxic, Equip Leftovers, EV Defence = Win Game.



478.png This user's favorite Ice-type Pokémon is Froslass.
037.png This user's favorite Fire-type Pokémon is Vulpix.
213 s.png This user's favorite Bug-type Pokémon is Shuckle.
233.png This user's favorite Normal-type Pokémon is Porygon2.
230.png This user's favorite Dragon-type Pokémon is Kingdra.
068 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user has a Shiny Machamp. ShinyIIStars.png
069 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user has a Shiny Bellsprout. ShinyIIStars.png
493 s.png This user doesn't like cheating in Pokémon games.
EP038.png This user has watched Computer Soldier Porygon.


178.png This user comes from Canada.
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About Me!

Wow. Its been a while, huh. Just got back into Pokémon with the release of HeartGold. Me and my friend agreed to buy the two separate versions to "complete the Pokédex," in a sense. Too bad he goes to a different school now, lol.

I'm 16 and in Grade 11. Plan to move into the Video Game Industry after gradutation, specifically concept art.

Games Played/Starters

  • LeafGreen= Starter: Ifrit on the emulator. When I rented a version from the local Video Store, I chose Hydra. Once I got everything I wanted (Blastoise, Mewtwo, Magmar, ect), I restarted the game and transfered over a Charmander within the small time limit before the return. So I like to consider the Charizard that I managed to migrate to Diamond as my very first Pokémon. Since this was my first time playing, my party wasnt particualily adequate, just full of Pokémon I liked. I didnt even understand the concept of HM Slavery back then.
  • Diamond= Starter: Oak Tank. I got a used version from EB Games... Jesus Christ, I was lucky. Its previous owner got a bunch of 50's and 70's; how could I restart the game? He had exclusives from Pearl and every Sinnoh starter! As you can no doubt guess, the party he was using was beast.
  • HeartGold= Starter: Notus (from what I understand Feraligatr was a popular choice). Bought on the release day. Preordered the game, but the figure was sold out. Shit... but I did rather enjoy this playthrough.
  • \FireRed= Starter: EatMoar. Currently Emulating FireRed, and challenging myself to play through with Pokémon that I never use (Venusaur, Primeape, Spearow, Clefable, Lapras).

Other Favorite Things

  • Games: Street Fighter, God of War, Final Fantasy, Newgrounds Flash Games, Many others.
  • Shows: NCIS, Lucky Star, Simpsons, Family Guy

Favorite Memes

  • You like.. some Cornflakes?
  • F*ck Yeah, Seaking!!
  • gheyluigi

Mentionable Pokémon

All thats left now is for him to be able to know Sky Uppercut...

Maxxed Level

Still in Training

Perhaps... Ice Fang or um, Ice Punch would've been a bettter choice, but uh... special works too..
  • Irony Lv.1. Nicknamed as such with a double meaning; 1) its an embodiment of iron, and 2) The origional Beldum I caught was 44, too high level to evolve. so I had to breed it.
  • Fareth Lv.6. Nicknamed after a character in the story I'm working on (She's an apprentice mage who utilizes frost and lightning magic, so it seemed perfect to name Froslass after her).
  • Speedy Lv.96. Overused Turtle Name is Overused.
  • Bin Laden Lv.61. The nickname should give away its strategy..
  • Aeroblast! Lv.71. Been a while since I've mained a Legend, might as well use one that can Fly around.
  • I also plan on getting a Kingdra someday. I'd probably name it Chun Li.

Because I can trade across Diamond to HeartGold and Vice Versa they're not organized in such ways correlating to their current residence (cartridge).

To Do List

One of these days...
  • Complete FireRed.
  • Buy Platinum.
  • Cleanup Userpage
  • Level up Pokémon listed under "Still in Training"
  • Actually contribute something other than fixing spelling mistakes to this wikia one of these days, lol.

Contact Me

  • Contact me through Electronic Mail
  • My Talk Page
  • Youtube account (dont be scared from the account name, I only made myself Chinese there so Youtube couldn't get my address)
  • Diamond Friend Code: 3867 6441 2646. Name: David (not my IRL name, see Diamond above). OT Number: 27339
  • HeartGold Friend Code: 3868 0201 8863. Name: Abel (also not my IRL name, lol). OT Number: 45514