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Legendary Collection (TCG)

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* This set was neverhs releasedno inJapanese Japanequivalent.
* This is the first English set since {{TCG|Base Set 2}} to not have a 1st Edition run.
* Legendary Collection was akin to a "Base Set 3"; a sequel to {{TCG|Base Set 2}}. This was a bold move for [[Wizards of the Coast]], considering that Base 2 wasn't well-received by the Pokémon TCG community in general. Many believe that the unpopularity of Base Set 2 was the reason why Legendary Collection wasn't called "Base Set 3". Ironically, however, Legendary Collection ended up becoming one of Wizards' more successful Pokémon TCG sets.
* Like Base Set 2, Legendary Collection was a combination of cards from previous sets, specifically {{TCG|Base Set}}, {{TCG|Jungle}}, {{TCG|Fossil}}, and {{TCG|Team Rocket}}. OneEven one {{TCG|Wizards Black Star Promos|Black Star Promo}} even made its way into this set: {{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Mewtwo|12}}.
* To appeal to players, Legendary Collection was the first Pokémon set that was actually built for tournaments. The pack set up has Pokémon of the same type in it, a very useful setup for Sealed Draft tournaments. The set was also built with the {{TCG|Modified}} tournament format in mind, so old cards that would help modern Modified decks made the cut while considerably broken cards from the past (like {{TCG ID|Base Set|Hitmonchan|7}} and {{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}) were kept out.
* To appeal to collectors, Legendary Collection was the first set to include two new trends for the Pokémon TCG - reverse-holographic refractors and {{TCG|Box Topper}}s. Wizards took a hint from Magic and made a reverse-holo refractor card for every single card in the set. This trend carried over with [[Nintendo]]'s occupation of the TCG and has featured in every expansion since. Box toppers, jumbo-sized versions of a number of cards from the set (4 of them in this case), were also inserted in every box.
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==GalleryPack artwork==
File:Legendary Collection box.jpg|English booster box
* The {{TCG|Expedition Base Set}} was originally supposed to be released in May 2002, but it was pushed back to September because Nintendo wanted its release tiedto coincide with the release of the [[e-Reader]] device. Some believed that Legendary Collection was conceived in order to fill the gap between {{TCG|Neo Destiny}} and the Expedition Base Set.
* At Worlds 2002 in Seattle, Professors who volunteered their time to run tournaments were supposed to be given a free box of Legendary Collection for their help. However, because Legendary Collection became so popular, it had sold out before the tournament, to which Professors were instead given boxes of Neo Destiny.
* Despite being released in the Neo era of the TCG, the cards are laid out in the Base-Rocket style that they were originally released in.