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Legendary Collection (TCG)

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* This set was never released in Japan.
* This is the first English set since {{TCG|Base Set 2}} to not have a 1st Edition run.
* Legendary Collection was akin to a "Base Set 3"; a sequel to {{TCG|Base Set 2}}. This was a bold move for [[Wizards of the Coast]], considering that Base 2 wasn't well -received by the Pokémon TCG community in general. Many believe that the unpopularity of Base Set 2 was the reason why Legendary Collection wasn't called "Base Set 3". Ironically, however, Legendary Collection ended up becoming one of Wizards' more successful Pokémon TCG sets.
* Like Base Set 2, Legendary Collection was a combination of cards from previous sets, specifically {{TCG|Base Set}}, {{TCG|Jungle}}, {{TCG|Fossil}}, and {{TCG|Team Rocket}}. One {{TCG|Wizards Black Star Promos|Black Star Promo}} even made its way into this set: {{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Mewtwo|12}}.
* To appeal to players, Legendary Collection was the first Pokémon set that was actually built for tournaments. The pack set up has Pokémon of the same type in it, a very useful setup for Sealed Draft tournaments. The set was also built with the {{TCG|Modified}} tournament format in mind, so old cards that would help modern Modified decks made the cut while considerably broken cards from the past (like {{TCG ID|Base Set|Hitmonchan|7}} and {{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}) were kept out.
* To appeal to collectors, Legendary Collection was the first set to include two new trends for the Pokémon TCG - reverse-holographic refractors and {{TCG|Box Topper}}s. Wizards took a hint from Magic and made a reverse-holo refractor card for every single card in the set. This trend carried over with [[Nintendo]]'s occupation of the TCG, and has featured in every expansion since. Box toppers, jumbo -sized versions of a number of cards from the set (4 of them in this case), were also inserted in every box.
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{{Setlist/entry|3/110|{{TCG ID|Legendary Collection|Charizard|3}}|Fire|||Non Holo {{TCG|Lava}} Theme Deck exclusive}}