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In {{g|Super Mystery Dungeon}}, the boxes can be opened at {{DL|Lively Town|Rockin' Lock}} in [[Lively Town]]. Blue-colored boxes are the most common and can be opened for 150 [[File:Poké currency VI Sprite.png|Poké]] while the rarer red-colored boxes can be opened for 300 [[File:Poké currency VI Sprite.png|Poké]]. Like the previous game, treasure boxes are stored in their own space in the [[Deposit Box]].
In {{g|Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX}}, all treasure boxes in the player's [[Toolbox]] are automatically opened upon exitiingexiting a dungeon. Treasure boxes cannot be deposited in [[Kangaskhan Storage]].
In all Generations, contents of the boxes are predetermined at the moment it's generated, meaning that opening the box will always have the same result.