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Methods of evolution

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Some Pokémon with branched evolutions can evolve into one of multiple different Pokémon or different forms of the same Pokémon depending on other factors, but still have the same evolution requirements for all of these possibilities.
*{{p|Burmy}} evolves starting at level 20+, but its evolved form is determined by its gender and, if female, its cloak. As Burmy, its cloak changes according to the place where it last battled but has no effect on Burmy itself; once it evolves into Wormadam, its cloak no longer changes, and its types and the moves it can learn are dependent on its cloak.
**Male Burmy → {{p|Mothim}}
**Female Burmy → {{p|Wormadam}}
***Female Trash Cloak Burmy → Trash Cloak Wormadam ({{t|Bug}}/{{t|Steel}})
*{{p|Tyrogue}} evolves starting at level 20+, depending on its stats.
**{{p|Hitmonlee}} if Attack > Defense
**{{p|Hitmonchan}} if Attack < Defense
**{{p|Hitmontop}} if Attack = Defense
*{{p|Wurmple}} evolves at level 7+ into {{p|Silcoon}} or {{p|Cascoon}} starting at level 7, depending on its [[personality value]]. It is a hidden value determined when the Pokémon is caught and cannot be affected by the player.
===Using an item===