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Predator Pokémon Prey Description
PikipekPikipek MetapodMetapod Its hard shell doesn't crack a bit even if Pikipek pecks at it, but it will tip over, spilling out its insides.
PidgeottoPidgeotto ExeggcuteExeggcute The claws on its feet are well developed. It can carry prey such as an Exeggcute to its nest over 60 miles away.
PidgeotPidgeot MagikarpMagikarp When hunting, it skims the surface of water at high speed to pick off unwary prey such as Magikarp.
EkansEkans PidgeyPidgey's Eggs
SpearowSpearow's Eggs
Moves silently and stealthily. Eats the eggs of birds, such as Pidgey and Spearow, whole.
ShellderShellder SlowpokeSlowpoke All the energy from Mega Evolution poured into the Shellder on its tail, leaving Slowpoke to be swallowed whole.
CloysterCloyster SlowpokeSlowpoke Slowpoke tails are its favorite food. It has even been known to come up on land to look for Slowpoke from time to time.
HypnoHypno KomalaKomala In Alola, Komala is Hypno's main target. It rarely harms people.
KinglerKingler ShellderShellder
Said to be capable of prying open Shellder and Cloyster shells using its 10,000-horsepower pincer.
CrabrawlerCrabrawler ExeggcuteExeggcute Six of them together form a full-fledged Pokémon. It's often hunted by Crabrawler, but uses psychokinesis to drive it off.
MandibuzzMandibuzz CuboneCubone At night, it weeps loudly for its dead mother, but those cries only attract its natural enemy—Mandibuzz.
LumineonLumineon StaryuStaryu This Pokémon gets nibbled on by Lumineon and others. Thanks to its red core, it regenerates fast, so it's unconcerned by their snack attacks.
PidgeottoPidgeotto MagikarpMagikarp For no reason, it jumps and splashes about, making it easy for predators like Pidgeotto to catch it mid-jump.
ArcheopsArcheops OmanyteOmanyte Omanyte lived in the seas of antiquity. Its fossils have been found bearing bite marks from Archeops, so apparently Archeops preyed on it.
OmastarOmastar ShellderShellder Apparently, it cracked Shellder's shell with its sharp fangs and sucked out the insides.
FurretFurret RattataRattata There is no telling where the tail begins. Despite its short legs, it is quick at hunting Rattata.
SpinarakSpinarak CutieflyCutiefly It waits intently until its preferred prey, Cutiefly, gets caught in its web. In fact, it's quite a patient Pokémon.
AipomAipom BounsweetBounsweet It searches for prey from the tops of trees. When it spots its favorite food, Bounsweet, Aipom gets excited and pounces.
SpearowSpearow SunkernSunkern It may drop out of the sky suddenly. If attacked by a Spearow, it will violently shake its leaves.
PinecoPineco CutieflyCutiefly Motionless, it hangs from trees, waiting for its bug Pokémon prey to come to it. Its favorite in Alola is Cutiefly.
SneaselSneasel PidgeyPidgey's Eggs
Vicious in nature, it drives Pidgey from their nests and feasts on the eggs that are left behind. It blends into the dark of night to ambush its prey. Sneasel will attack Sandshrew, but its hard skin can cause Sneasel's claws to snap off.
MareanieMareanie CorsolaCorsola Pursued by Mareanie for the branches on its head, this Pokémon will sometimes snap its own branches off as a diversion while it escapes.
In Alola, where their natural enemies Mareanie are plentiful, many Corsola have stubby branches on their heads.
WurmpleWurmple Wurmple is targeted by Swellow as prey. This Pokémon will try to resist by pointing the spikes on its rear at the attacking predator.
It will weaken the foe by leaking poison from the spikes.
It loves to eat leaves. If it is attacked by a Starly, it will defend itself with its spiked rear.
TaillowTaillow WurmpleWurmple Taillow is young - it has only just left its nest. As a result, it sometimes becomes lonesome and cries at night. This Pokémon feeds on Wurmple that live in forests.
WingullWingull WishiwashiWishiwashi It builds nests in cliffs by the sea. It circles the skies above the ocean looking for its favorite food—Wishiwashi.
PelipperPelipper WishiwashiWishiwashi It scoops up Wishiwashi in its huge beak and swallows them whole. It can devour more than 30 at one go!
SableyeSableye CarbinkCarbink It's a fiend for gemstones, so it stalks Carbink. Unfortunately, Gabite almost always grabs them first.
It digs through the ground with its hard claws and crunches down gems with its thick pointy teeth. Carbink is its favorite food.
WailmerWailmer WishiwashiWishiwashi It shows off by spraying jets of seawater from the nostrils above its eyes. It eats a solid ton of Wishiwashi every day.
WailordWailord WishiwashiWishiwashi Wailord pursue their prey in pods. With their large mouths, they can swallow entire schools of Wishiwashi whole.
SandileSandile TrapinchTrapinch Its jaws are strong enough to crush rocks but so heavy that it can't get up if it flips over. Sandile seize those moments as their chance.
GlalieGlalie VanilliteVanillite It freezes its prey and chews them whole. However, it prefers to eat Pokémon like Vanillite that are already frozen.
PelipperPelipper LuvdiscLuvdisc If a Luvdisc is left on its own, it becomes despondent, leaving itself open to attack. That is when Pelipper snatch them up.
StarlyStarly CherubiCherubi The small ball is not only filled with nutrients, it is also tasty. Starly try to peck it off.
WingullWingull FinneonFinneon Its double tail fins propel its energetic jumps. When it breaks the surface of the sea, Wingull swoop down to grab it on the fly.
LumineonLumineon StarmieStarmie This deep-sea Pokémon lives at the bottom of the sea. Its fins haul it over the seabed in search of its favorite food—Starmie.
WeavileWeavile SandshrewSandshrew
They dwell in cold places. This Pokémon's main food source in Alola is Vulpix and Sandshrew, which they carefully divide among their group.
SandileSandile TrapinchTrapinch It conceals itself in the sand and chomps down on the legs of any prey that unwarily walk over it. Its favorite food is Trapinch.
CarracostaCarracosta OmanyteOmanyte
Its jaws are terrifyingly powerful. It could eat Omastar and Omanyte whole and not be bothered in the slightest by their shells.
TrubbishTrubbish Unsanitary places are what they like best. They can be spotted in Alola, often with Grimer in hot pursuit.
Poisonous gas leaks out of it when it breathes. Muk that catch a whiff of that stench will come drooling.
GarbodorGarbodor For a time, their numbers increased explosively in Alola. Since the arrival of Grimer, their population has decreased dramatically.
Some say the reason Garbodor in Alola are a little stronger than their counterparts elsewhere is the presence of Muk, their natural enemy.
RuffletRufflet ShellderShellder With its powerful legs and sturdy claws, it can crack even the hard shells of Shellder and pluck out their insides.
MandibuzzMandibuzz CuboneCubone It circles in the sky, keeping a keen eye out for Pokémon in a weakened state. Its choicest food is Cubone. It skillfully arranges the bones of its prey to construct its nest. Most of the bones are Cubone.
HeatmorHeatmor DurantDurant It breathes through a hole in its tail while it burns with an internal fire. Durant is its prey.
Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant's steel bodies and consume their insides.
It draws in air through its tail, transforms it into fire, and uses it like a tongue. It melts Durant and eats them.
HeatmorHeatmor DurantDurant They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor.
Individuals each play different roles in driving Heatmor, their natural predator, away from their colony.
TalonflameTalonflame WingullWingull
Its favorite foods are Wingull and Pikipek. It attacks with a powerful kick and grasps them firmly in its talons.
Other predators:

Squirtle, Wartortle, Beedrill, Pidgey, Sandshrew, Nidoking, Vulpix, Ninetales, Golbat, Gloom, Vileplume, Venonat, Venomoth, Persian, Golduck, Poliwhirl, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Seel, Dewgong, Shellder, Horsea, Seadra, Scyther, Pinsir, Lapras, Flareon, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Ariados, Crobat, Chinchou, Lanturn, Marill, Azumarill, Yanma, Wooper(?), Quagsire, Umbreon, Murkrow(Honchkrow), Forretress, Gligar, Remoraid, Octillery, Houndour, Houndoom, Kingdra, Grovyle, Sceptile, Poochyena, Linoone, Beautifly, Surskit, Nosepass, Sableye, Mawile, Swalot, Carvanha, Sharpedo, Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon, Cacnea, Cacturn, Barboach, Whiscash, Corphish, Lileep, Cradily, Anorith, Armaldo, Kecleon, Duskull, Sealeo, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Relicanth, Metang, Metagross, Piplup, Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Luxray, Roserade, Cranidos, Rampardos, Buizel, Flotzel, Shellos, Gible, Garchomp, Skorupi, Carnivine, Finneon, Lumineon, Tangrowth, Magmortar, Yanmega(?), Glaceon, Gliscor, Probopass, Froslass, Palpitoad, Scolipede, Sandile, Krokorok, Krookodile, Tirtouga, Carracosta, Archen, Archeops, Emolga, Frillish, Galvantula, Eelektrik, Eelektross, Litwick, Beartic, Cryogonal, Stunfisk, Druddigon, Pawniard, Bisharp, Vullaby, Hydreigon, Litleo, Pyroar, Inkay, Malamar, Skrelp, Dragalge, Clauncher, Sylveon, Goodra, Gourgeist,

Other prey:

Caterpie, Kakuna, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Cyndaquil(?), Ledyba(?), Pineco(?), Surskit, Masquerain(?), Nosepass, Feebas, Grotle, Gastrodon, Lumineon, Tangrowth, Watchog, Venipede, Cottonee, Sandile, Maractus, Quilladin, Fletchlinder, Scatterbug, Spewpa,

Mentioning other species:
  • Nectar from pretty flowers is its favorite food. In fields of flowers, it has heated battles with Cutiefly for territory. (Butterfree)
  • It loves shiny things. It often fights with Murkrow over prey they're both trying to catch. When visiting a junkyard, you may catch sight of it having an intense fight with Murkrow over shiny objects.(Meowth)
  • While it's quite friendly toward humans once it's grown used to them, in the wild it must be quite fierce to defend its territory from Rockruff. (Growlithe)
  • It trains by lifting rocks in the mountains. It can even pick up a Graveler with ease. Machop exercises by hefting around a Graveler as if it were a barbell. There are some Machop that travel the world in a quest to master all kinds of martial arts. Though small in stature, it is powerful enough to easily heft and throw a number of Geodude at once. Once this Pokémon has gained enough confidence and muscle from training with its friends, it challenges Makuhita to a battle. (Machop)
  • Because it can't fire boulders at a rapid pace, it's been known to seize nearby Geodude and fire them from its back. (A Golem)
  • Burrows at high speed in search of food. The tunnels it leaves are used as homes by Diglett. (Onix)
  • A Pokémon that nourishes itself by eating dreams, it is thought to share common ancestry with Munna and Musharna. (Drowzee)
  • Legend has it that on rare occasions, one of its heads will drop off and continue on as an Exeggcute. Each of the fruits is an independently-thinking head. It is said that if one drops off, it becomes an Exeggcute. (Exeggutor)
  • Marowak is the evolved form of a Cubone that has overcome its sadness at the loss of its mother and grown tough. This Pokémon's tempered and hardened spirit is not easily broken. This Pokémon is out for vengeance on its natural enemy, Mandibuzz. It throws bones like boomerangs to try to take it down. It throws bones at Mandibuzz to knock it down. It's thought that Marowak is trying to avenge its parent. (Marowak)
  • Where two kinds of poison gases meet, 2 Koffings can fuse into a Weezing over many years. (Weezing)
  • An examination of its cells revealed the presence of a gene not found in Horsea. It became a hot topic. (Seadra)
  • One solid blow from its horns is enough to split apart a large tree. Its greatest rival in Alola is Vikavolt. It gets into territorial disputes with Vikavolt. For some reason, it apparently gets along well with Heracross in Alola. (Pinsir)
  • When Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, its brain cells undergo a structural transformation. It is said that this transformation is to blame for this Pokémon's wildly violent nature. (Gyarados)
  • Its heavy shell is thought to be the reason this ancient Pokémon died out. It's apparently a distant ancestor of Octillery. (Omastar)
  • Its stomach is said to be incomparably strong. Even Muk's poison is nothing more than a hint of spice on Snorlax's tongue. (Snorlax)
  • Because of its silhouette, it's believed to be a star reborn. For some reason, it loves Minior. (Cleffa)
  • A Bellossom grows flowers more beautifully if it evolves from a smelly Gloom - the stinkier the better. At night, this Pokémon closes its petals and goes to sleep. (Bellossom)
  • If Poliwag and Poliwhirl hear its echoing cry, they respond by gathering from far and wide. When it expands its throat to croak out a tune, nearby Poliwag and Poliwhirl gather immediately. (Politoed)
  • The light of the moon changed Eevee's genetic structure. It lurks in darkness for prey. (Umbreon)
  • It hides any shiny object it finds in a secret location. Murkrow and Meowth loot one another's stashes. It has a weakness for shiny things. It's been known to sneak into the nests of Gabite—noted collectors of jewels—in search of treasure. (Murkrow)
  • When its head was bitten, toxins entered Slowpoke's head and unlocked an extraordinary power. Every time it yawns, Shellder injects more poison into it. The poison makes it more intelligent. Slowking undertakes research every day in an effort to solve the mysteries of the world. However, this Pokémon apparently forgets everything it has learned if the Shellder on its head comes off. It's called “the sage of the sea.” It engages in battles of wits with Oranguru, but the result is usually a draw. (Slowking)
  • It travels by digging through the ground. Diglett and Dunsparce share one another's tunnels happily. (Dunsparce)
  • It is said that if an Onix lives for over 100 years, its composition changes to become diamond-like. Steelix lives even further underground than Onix. This Pokémon is known to dig towards the earth's core. There are records of this Pokémon reaching a depth of over six-tenths of a mile underground. (Steelix)
  • More timid than Snubbull, this Pokémon is doted on by young people amused at the contrast between its looks and its attitude. (Granbull)
  • It's proud of its thick horn. In Alola, its biggest rival is Vikavolt, which it's always fighting with. (Heracross)
  • This Pokémon likes to lick its palms that are sweetened by being soaked in honey. Teddiursa concocts its own honey by blending fruits and pollen collected by Beedrill. (Teddiursa)
  • This Pokémon is constantly fighting with Togedemaru that try to steal its electricity. It's a pretty even match. (Elekid)
  • It moves as if skating on the surface of the water. It often fights with Dewpider over food. (Surskit)
  • Shedinja is a peculiar Pokémon. It seems to appear unsought in a Poké Ball after a Nincada evolves. This bizarre Pokémon is entirely immobile - it doesn't even breathe. A most peculiar Pokémon that somehow appears in a Poké Ball when a Nincada evolves. (Shedinja)
  • It practices its slaps by repeatedly slapping tree trunks. It has been known to slap an Exeggutor and get flung away. (Makuhita)
  • It is known for its fantastic strength, but as it grows older, it focuses more on training Makuhita. (Hariyama)
  • If it remains still, it becomes impossible to distinguish from real nuts. It delights in surprising foraging Pidgey. (Seedot)
  • It's a fiend for gemstones, so it stalks Carbink. Unfortunately, Gabite almost always grabs them first. (Sableye)
  • With its sturdy jaws and fangs, it can easily chomp wooden boats to splinters. It fights with Basculin over food. (Carvanha)
  • When a small Wailmer is attacked by Sharpedo or Dhelmise, its whole pod works together to protect it. (Wailord)
  • It apparently dies if it stops bouncing about. It carries a pearl from Clamperl on its head. (Clampearl)
  • By flapping their wings, Flygon cause sandstorms that conceal Krookodile. The team then splits the prey they catch. (Flygon)
  • Memories of battling its arch-rival Seviper are etched into every cell of Zangoose's body. This Pokémon adroitly dodges attacks with incredible agility. (Zangoose)
  • Seviper shares a generations-long feud with Zangoose. The scars on its body are evidence of vicious battles. This Pokémon attacks using its sword-edged tail. (Seviper)
  • It can adapt very well to its environment. Feebas and Corphish are about the only Pokémon to live in stagnant ditches. (Corphish)
  • Its pincers often fall off. Unlike with Crabrawler or Clauncher, the meat in its claws is utterly nasty and stinking. (Crawdaunt)
  • While Milotic is said to be the most beautiful Pokémon, Trainers who like Feebas and have raised it are seemingly disappointed by Milotic. (Milotic)
  • Sealeo has the habit of always juggling on the tip of its nose anything it sees for the first time. This Pokémon occasionally entertains itself by balancing and rolling a Spheal on its nose. (Sealeo)
  • Clamperl's pearls are exceedingly precious. They can be more than 10 times as costly as Shellder's pearls. (Clamperl)
  • Luvdisc make the branches of Corsola their nests. There is a custom from long ago of giving a Luvdisc as a gift to express one's feelings of love. Luvdisc makes its home in coral reefs in warm seas. It especially likes sleeping in the space between Corsola's branches. (Luvdisc)
  • It adores magnetic minerals, so it pursues Nosepass at speeds exceeding 60 mph. (Metang)
  • Metagross is the result of two Metang achieving fusion. When hunting, this Pokémon pins the prey to the ground under its massive body. It then eats the helpless victim using the large mouth on its stomach. This form results from one Metagross, one Metang, and two Beldum linking up. (Metagross)
  • Groudon has long been described in mythology as the Pokémon that raised lands and expanded continents. This Pokémon took to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Kyogre. (Groudon)
  • A Pokémon that flies endlessly in the ozone layer. It is said it would descend to the ground if Kyogre and Groudon were to fight. (Rayquaza)
  • When Staravia evolve into Staraptor, they leave the flock to live alone. They have sturdy wings. (Staraptor)
  • A comparison revealed that Bidoof's front teeth grow at the same rate as Rattata's. (Bidoof)
  • While its movements out of water are sluggish, it can swim as fast as any Feebas. (Bibarel)
  • It lived in jungles around a hundred million years ago. It used its skillful headbutts to combat Aerodactyl. (Cranidos)
  • The result of repeated headbutts is a skull grown thick and hard. However, its brain has shrunk in size compared with Cranidos's. (Rampardos)
  • It lived in the same environments as Rampardos. Their fossils have been found together—seemingly from after they'd fought to the finish. (Bastiodon)
  • When Burmy evolved, its cloak became a part of this Pokémon's body. The cloak is never shed. (Wormadam)
  • It loves the honey of flowers and steals honey collected by Combee. (Mothim)
  • A Pokémon formed by three others. It busily carries sweet floral honey to Vespiquen. (Combee)
  • A relative of Shellder and Cloyster, this ocean dweller sometimes comes onto land in search of food. (Gastrodon)
  • In their search for comfortable trees, they get into territorial disputes with groups of Passimian. They win about half the time. (Passimian)
  • It loves round white things. It carries an egg-shaped rock in imitation of Chansey. (Happiny)
  • Shiny objects are its passion. It can be found in its cave, scarcely moving, its gaze fixed on the jewels it's amassed or Carbink it has caught. It loves shiny things. When it finds a Sableye trying to catch a Carbink, Gabite becomes furiously angry and attacks the Sableye. (Gabite)
  • It flies at the speed of sound while searching for prey, and it has midair battles with Salamence as the two compete for food. (Garchomp)
  • The way its two tail fins flutter while it swims has earned it the nickname "Beautifly of the Sea." Swimming and fluttering its two tail fins, it looks like a Beautifly. At night, the patterns on its tail fins softly shine. (Finneon)
  • It crawls along the seafloor using its long front fins like legs. It competes for food with Lanturn. Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, prey is scarce. Lumineon get into fierce disputes with Lanturn over food. (Lumineon)
  • People organize tours to see this Pokémon frolic and skim the tops of the waves with Remoraid. (Mantyke)
  • Exposure to a special magnetic field changed Magneton's molecular structure, turning it into Magnezone. (Magnezone)
  • It puts rocks in holes in its palms and uses its muscles to shoot them. Geodude are shot at rare times. From holes in its palms, it fires out Geodude. Its carapace can withstand volcanic eruptions. (Rhyperior)
  • Born deep within the ground, it compares itself with similar species, such as Geodude and Carbink, to settle which has the hardest body. (Roggnenolla)
  • Leavanny dress it in clothes they made for it when it hatched. It hides its head in its hood while it is sleeping. (Sewaddle)
  • It keeps its eggs warm with heat from fermenting leaves. It also uses leaves to make warm wrappings for Sewaddle. (Leavanny)
  • When a school of Basculin appears in a lake, everything else disappears, except for Corphish and Crawdaunt. That's how violent Basculin are. (Basculin)
  • It conceals itself in sandstorms that Flygon whip up and waits patiently for prey to appear. (Krookodile)
  • It grills berries and bug Pokémon with electric shocks and makes a meal of them. It usually nests in the holes gouged in trees by Pikipek. (Emolga)
  • When they feel threatened, they spit an acidic liquid to drive attackers away. This Pokémon targets Shelmet. (Karrablast)
  • These Pokémon evolve by wearing the shell covering of a Shelmet. The steel armor protects their whole body. (Escavalier)
  • It evolves when bathed in an electric-like energy along with Karrablast. The reason is still unknown. When it and Karrablast are together, and both receive electrical stimulation, they both evolve. (Shelmet)
  • It runs through the narrow tunnels formed by Excadrill and Onix. It uses its sharp claws to catch prey. It infiltrates tunnels that Pokémon like Diglett and Dugtrio have dug and quietly waits for prey to pass through. (Druddigon)
  • They fight at Bisharp's command. They cling to their prey and inflict damage by sinking their blades into it. It follows Bisharp's orders to a tee when it attacks enemies. After slashing an opponent, Pawniard clangs both of its blades together. (Pawniard)
  • It leads a group of Pawniard. It battles to become the boss, but will be driven from the group if it loses. Bisharp pursues prey in the company of a large group of Pawniard. Then Bisharp finishes off the prey. This pitiless Pokémon commands a group of Pawniard to hound prey into immobility. It then moves in to finish the prey off. It leads a group of Pawniard. Bisharp doesn't even change its expression when it deals the finishing blow to an opponent. (Bisharp)
  • Their wings are too tiny to allow them to fly. They guard their posteriors with bones that were gathered by Mandibuzz. (Vullaby)
  • It's always searching for food for Vullaby. When it finds a weak Pokémon, Mandibuzz swoops it right off to its nest. (Mandibuzz)
  • When they evolve, two Binacle multiply into seven. They fight with the power of seven Binacle. (Barbaracle)
  • It's not good at swimming, so it clings to the seaweed. In the Alola region, it's often found near Dhelmise. (Skrelp)
  • This vicious Pokémon sprays a poisonous liquid on opponents that come near. For whatever reason, it gets along really well with Dhelmise. (Dragalge)
  • This calm Pokémon lived in a cold land where there were no violent predators like Tyrantrum. (Amaura)
  • Although its body is small, its proficient fighting skills enable it to keep up with big bruisers like Machamp and Hariyama. (Hawlucha)
  • The way several Bergmite huddle on its back make it look like an aircraft carrier made of ice. (Avalugg)
  • A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world. (Diancie)
  • Fluid squeezed from its finger, albeit poisonous, is a significant ingredient in remedies for lower-back pain. (Croagunk)
  • In the spring, it grows berries with the texture of frozen treats around its belly. (Snorunt)

+ Pansage, Petilil and Basculin

  • The oil that seeps from its body is really smooth. For people troubled by bad skin, this oil is an effective treatment. (Cinccino)?
  • According to legend, medicine to cure any illness can be made by plucking the green leaves on its head, brewing them, and boiling down the liquid. An unknown spirit came to lodge in a tree stump, creating this Pokémon. A cure-all can be made from an infusion of its green leaves. (Phantump)