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Dynamax was created from {{p|Eternatus}} when its energy leaked through it while it slumbers to recover from its wounds. This resulted in several power spots that are used in the Gym Stadium to to trigger the transformation.
Dynamaxing increases a Pokémon's size drastically, as well as changing the moves of the Pokémon and increasing their statsHP in battle, but can only be used once during a battle, and lasts only for three turns. In addition, it can only be performed in certain areas, such as special arenas in [[Gym]]s.
Dynamaxing provides Pokémon with an increase to their maximum HP (unless it's Shedinja). The amount of HP gained depends on the Pokemon's Dynamax Level, which can be increased with Dynamax Candy. At Dynamax Level 0, a Pokémon will gain 50% of its max HP. For every Dynamax Level above that, up to a maximum of 10, the Pokemon will gain 5% more HP, up to a 100% increase at Dynamax Level 10. All other [[stat]]s, as well as its [[ability]] and [[held item]], remain the same.
Dynamaxed Pokémon are immune to {{status|flinch}}ing. They are immune to {{cat|Moves affected by weight}}, and cannot be [[recall|switched out]], either by their trainer or by {{cat|Moves that switch the target out|moves}} such as {{m|Dragon Tail}} or {{m|Whirlwind}}, but can switch out through {{a|Emergency Exit}}. Dynamaxed Pokémon cannot have their [[Ability]] modified by moves such as {{m|Entrainment}} and {{m|Skill Swap}}. [[Choice Band]], [[Choice Scarf]], and [[Choice Band]] temporaily stop working if the holder is Dynamaxed.
All [[move]]s that a Pokémon knows will turn into [[Max Move]]s, which are more powerful than regular moves. The Max Moves that are learned are determined by the moves that the Pokémon knows.
Wild Pokémon in a [[Max Raid Battle]] start out as Dynamax Pokémon, and do not return to their original state during the battle. However, the Trainers' Pokémon do not start out as Dynamax Pokémon, and only one of the Trainers' Pokémon can Dynamax during the battle, and only for three turns. The first trainer with the chance to Dynamax is the host, with the the chance passing to the nest player who joined until it returns to the first player.
Certain Pokémon can undergo a special kind of Dynamax known as [[Gigantamax]]ing. Only specific individual members of a select group of species can Gigantamax. Unlike normal Dynamax Pokémon, Gigantamax Pokémon have a different appearance to their regular form in addition to being larger, and have an exclusive Max Move known as a [[G-Max Move]].