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In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], Nanu later provides information on sightings of the [[Ultra Beast]]s around Ula'ula. He is also revealed to be a former member of the [[International Police]] and [[Looker]]'s former superior. His codename was '''000''' (Japanese: '''〇〇〇''') . During his time with them, he is described as having been an elite officer, on par with Looker. Ten years prior to the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, he participated in a three-person mission with Looker and an unnamed {{DL|Ultra Wormhole|Fallers|Faller}} to track down a {{p|Guzzlord}}, which ultimately cost the Faller her life. After this mission, he and Looker discovered {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} on the shores of [[Poni Island]].
In [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], after {{p|Necrozma}} unleashes several Ultra Beasts around Alola, Nanu is briefly seen facing a Guzzlord at the [[Ruins of Abundance]]. Later, he also appears in Acerola's place at the [[Aether House]] during [[Mina]]'s trial. In Ultra Moon, he challenges the player to a rematch, while in Ultra Sun, he is not in the mood for a battle due to having just been defeated by [[Hau]]. In both games, he then gives the player the [[Purple Petal]], the final flower petal of the trial. In these games, it is also revealed that, after the death of [[Hapu]]'s grandfather, the previous Kahuna of Poni Island, Nanu had been responsible for holding the grand trials on Poni before Hapu was elected as the new Kahuna by {{p|Tapu Fini}}. At one point, he is also seen giving a beginning Trainer his [[starter Pokémon]], with the choice being between three {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Meowth}} with different personalities.
Nanu debuted in ''[[SM073|Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?]]'', where {{TRT}} hoped to get a [[Z-Ring]] from him at the recommendation of {{an|Giovanni}}. However, he initially refused to give one to them, even claiming that the [[Island Kahuna]] was away at the time. Later, when [[Acerola‎‎]] had been kidnapped by a {{p|Gengar}} [[nickname]]d Greedy Rapooh and Team Rocket helped save her, Nanu reconsidered and gave them a [[Z-Power Ring]], which they used in conjunction with their [[Darkinium Z]] to activate {{m|Black Hole Eclipse}} and defeat Rapooh.
In ''[[SM074|Tough Guy Trials!]]'', Nanu received a phone call from Giovanni, who was surprised to learn Nanu had become both a police officer and an Island Kahuna. He asked Nanu to tell him about the Pokémon the people of [[Alola]] call "the {{p|Necrozma|Blinding One}}", but the call was interrupted by the arrival of {{Ash}}, who came to challenge Nanu in a [[island challenge|grand trial]]. Believing that Ash wasn't ready to challenge him, Nanu lied, claiming that he was a different person, and he had Ash play with his {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Meowth}} while he went somewhere else. Later, after realizing his {{wp|kendama}} had gone missing, Nanu visited Acerola to retrieve it. Acerola forced Nanu to let Ash have a battle with him, which he begrudgingly accepted. During the battle, [[Ash's Lycanroc]] went berserk after its fur got dirty, allowing Nanu's {{p|Krookodile}} to swiftly defeat it. When Nanu told Ash that he should just return to [[Melemele Island]], Ash refused and instead decided to remain on {{isl|Ula'ula}} and train for a [[rematch]].
In ''[[SM076|A Battle Hand-Off!]]'', Nanu was revisited by the Rocket trio, who were looking for Ash. He sent them to the {{OBP|Thrifty Megamart|Abandoned Site}}, and later sent Ash as well in a ploy to delay the grand trial. Nanu was shocked that Ash had defeated the trio, leaving him with no choice but to accept Ash’s challenge for a grand trial.
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|vajp=Fumiko Takekuma
|desc={{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Persian}} is Nanu's third known Pokémon. It is larger than most Alolan Persian, with {{Rotom}} comparing it to a [[Totem Pokémon]]. It was the final Pokémon he used against {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Lycanroc}} in Ash's grand trial battle and used a mixture of ranged and close quarters attacks to counter Lycanroc. However, after having its [[Z-Move]] countered, it ended up being defeated by the Wolf Pokémon's {{m|Accelerock}}, winning the battle for Ash.
Persian reappeared in ''[[SM090|Securing the Future!]]'', where it joined the rest of Alola in showering {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Necrozma}} with Z-Power by using its Z-Move so it could return to its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|true form}}.
|epname=Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?
|vaen=Pete Zarustica‎
|desc=Multiple {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Meowth}} reside at Nanu's house. They first appeared in ''[[SM073|Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?]]'', where they robbed {{TRT}} of their food. They reappeared in ''[[SM074|Tough Guy Trials!]]'', where Nanu made {{Ash}} play with them while he went off somewhere else.
In ''[[SM090|Securing the Future!]]'', several of them joined the rest of Alola in showering {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Necrozma}} with light so it could return to its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|true form}}.
|desc={{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Persian}} is Nanu's only known Pokémon.
None of Persian's moves are known.}}
|epname=Pokémon Move Specialist Professor Kukui
|desc=This {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Persian}} is Nanu's only known Pokémon. It was first used to battle against Olivia's {{p|Lycanroc}} to test the stage made for an [[Iki Town]] festival.
Persian's known moves are {{m|Nasty Plot}} and {{m|Dark Pulse}}.