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In [[SM088|the following episode]], the Ultra Guardians followed the two [[Legendary Pokémon]] to Melemele Island, prompting Lusamine and the others follow suit. She was later seen arriving at the island, after Necrozma had fused with Nebby and had left. She and the others then oversaw Lunala recover in the Ultra Guardians base. When the Ultra Guardians decided to go after Necrozma, Lusamine was initially against the plan, but eventually allowed the group to leave. After the Ultra Guardians and Lunala left for Ultra Space, Lusamine stayed behind at the base with Burnet and Wicke to gather information and give orders. When Burnet managed to translate the mural from the Altar of the Sunne, Lusamine learned the true identity of UB Black and how to restore it back to its former self. After contacting the Ultra Guardians again and sharing their findings with them in [[SM090|the next episode]], Lusamine joined the rest of Alola in sharing their Z-Power with Necrozma so it could return to its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|true form}}. After Necrozma returned to its Ultra form, Lusamine watched as the Ultra Guardians, Nebby, and Lunala returned to Alola, alongside Burnet, Wicke, Faba, and Kukui.
In ''[[SM095|Sparking Confusion!]]'', Lusamine noticed an unusual magnetic energy at [[Wela Volcano Park]], which was interfering with the [[Aether Foundation]]'s ability to detect Ultra Aura. The Ultra Guardians flew over to the area, only to discover the havoc that was being wreaked by a group of {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Graveler}}, {{p|Geodude}}, and {{p|Golem}}. They then discovered that their feeding rituals were disrupted by [[Rock hunters|a group of rock hunters]]. With some help from {{p|Metang}}, the group calmed down.
In ''[[SM096|Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!]]'', Lusamine joined Wicke and Lillie and her classmates in the search for a missing {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Stufful}} from Aether Paradise's Conservation Area. Team Rocket was revealed to be behind the chaos, but Lusamine was glad to see Stufful reunited with its mother {{an|Bewear}}.