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Magmar (Pokémon)

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Two Magmar appeared in ''[[SM015|Rocking Clawmark Hill!]]'' as some of the Pokémon training up on [[Clawmark Hill]]. {{AP|Rockruff}} kept battling one of them and managed to defeat Magmar in the end. It reappeared during a flashback in ''[[SM075|Some Kind of Laziness!]]''.
A Magmar appeared in ''[[SM034|A Crowning Moment of Truth!]]'', under the ownership of a {{tc|Hiker}}. It was beaten by an [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan]]}} {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} and was defeated twice, requiring it to be treated at a [[Pokémon Center]]. Magmar reappeared in ''[[SM095|Sparking Confusion!]]'', where it joined the Hikers in celebrating the capture of an {{alorf|Alolan}} {{p|Golem}}.
===Minor appearances===