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Tornadus (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Rookidee/Corvisquire
<!--* TornadusBecause of being pure Flying, it is the [[List ofonly Pokémon withthat uniquecan have the Flying-type combinations|onlybackdrop after defeating the [[Pokémon League]] purein {{type2v2|Black|FlyingWhite}} Pokémon. However, otheras Pokémonthe arebackdrop ablewill toalways temporarilyreflect becomethe purePokémon's Flyingprimary typestype. through(What theirabout {{Abilities}}Sky-Plate or moves, such as {{p|Kecleon}}, {{p|Arceus}}, and {{p|Silvally}}.?)-->
** This also makes it the only single-type Pokémon with a [[List of Pokémon with unique type combinations|unique type combination]].
<!--** Also because of this, it is the only Pokémon that can have the Flying-type backdrop after defeating the [[Pokémon League]] in {{2v2|Black|White}}, as the backdrop will always reflect the Pokémon's primary type. (What about Sky-Plate Arceus?)-->
* Tornadus is the only member of its trio whose Therian Forme is not immune to {{type|Electric}} attacks in normal battle conditions.
** It is also the only one that can have a weakness to Electric-type attacks in standard battle conditions.