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* {{wp|Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade}} has included three Pikachu balloons. "Flying Pikachu" was the first, flown from 2001 to 2005, and was used in a morning rush hour test of wind conditions in {{wp|Times Square}} after an accident involving an {{wp|M&M's}} balloon in the 2005 parade.<ref>[http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/23/nyregion/23balloon.html?_r=0 Pikachu Soars as Trial Balloon for a Safer Macy's Parade - New York Times]</ref> It was last used in the August 2006 [[Pokémon 10th Anniversary|Party of the Decade]] in New York City's {{wp|Bryant Park}}. The second balloon debuted in the 2006 parade, features glowing cheeks, and chases a {{i|Poké Ball}} balloon. The third, introduced in the 2014 parade, wears a green scarf and holds a small, Pikachu-shaped snowman.
* Pikachu is the only [[core series]] [[starter Pokémon]] with a pre-evolved form, though {{game|Yellow}} predates {{p|Pichu}}.
** And the only [[starter Pokémon]] that can't evolve.
* According to ''[[A Sneak Peek at Pokémon]]'', Pikachu can deliver a constant current of 1000 {{wp|ampere}}s.
* Pikachu has the most [[event Pokémon|event]]-exclusive [[move]]s available to it.
** Its battle cry differs from status or Pokédex screens.
** The {{ga|Red's Pikachu|starter Pikachu}} in Yellow has unique voice clips in {{eng|Pokémon Stadium}} and {{pkmn|Stadium 2}}.
* Pikachu is the only core series starter Pokémon that does not have a 7:1 gender ratio.
* {{4v|Black|White}} are the only core series games in which Pikachu cannot be obtained without transporting.
* Pikachu was the focus of a {{OBP|Pokémon Center|store}} [[Sleeping Pikachu Collection|collection]] in June 2014.