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A Pokémon may have either one or two types: For instance, {{p|Charmander}} is a {{t|Fire}} type, while {{p|Bulbasaur}} is both a {{t|Grass}} type and a {{t|Poison}} type. With the current 18-type system, there are 324 possible ways to assign types to Pokémon, with 171 unique combinations. As of [[Generation VII]], 146 different type combinations have been used. Similar to Pokémon, [[Pokéstar Studios opponents]] also have types.
A move has exactly one type - the only exception is {{m|Flying Press}}, which is considered a {{t|Fighting}} type move stacked with {{t|Flying}} type multipliers. The type of a damaging move typically defines which types of Pokémon it is super effective against, which types of Pokémon it is not very effective against, and which types of Pokémon it is completely ineffective against. (Uniquely, {{m|Flying Press}} is a Fighting-type move but has the type effectiveness of both a Fighting- and Flying-type move.) If the type of a move matches one of the types of the Pokémon using it, it gains a [[Same-type attack bonus|boost in power]].
Most [[Gym Leader]]s and members of the [[Elite Four]] are designed to have a [[Type expert|type-specific theme]].