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{{samename|property of a Pokémon called type in [[The Official Pokémon Handbook]]|Pokémon category}}
{{Types|diamond|* 1}}
'''Types''' (Japanese: '''タイプ''' ''Type'') are properties for {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} and their [[move]]s. As of [[Generation VI]], there are 18 types, as listed to the right. Most of these were introduced during [[Generation I]], but the {{t|Dark}} and {{t|Steel}} types were introduced in [[Generation II]] and the {{t|Fairy}} type was introduced in [[Generation VI]]. A unique {{t|???}} type also existed from Generations II through {{gen|IV}}. During [[Generation I]], types were occasionally referred to as '''elements'''. The types are based on the concept of {{wp|classical elements in popular culture}}.
A Pokémon may have either one or two types: For instance, {{p|Charmander}} is a {{t|Fire}} type, while {{p|Bulbasaur}} is both a {{t|Grass}} type and a {{t|Poison}} type. With the current 18-type system, there are 324 possible ways to assign types to Pokémon, with 171 unique combinations. As of [[Generation VII]], 146 different type combinations have been used. Similar to Pokémon, [[Pokéstar Studios opponents]] also have types.