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(→‎Set structure: I will assume Great Ball was omitted in error since it's part of the setlist and couldn't ever exist if not actually in the deck randomization anywhere.)
|caption=Starter Sets
|release=December 9, 2016
|coin=[[File:RowlettLittenPopplioGreenSMA coinGreen Alola Starters Coin.png|50px]]/[[File:RowlettLittenPopplioRedSMA coinRed Alola Starters Coin.png|50px]]/[[File:RowlettLittenPopplioBlueSMA Blue Alola Starters coinCoin.png|50px]]
The '''Sun & Moon Starter Set''' (Japanese: '''スターターセット''') is the second release of cards in the Japanese Sun & Moon Era of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. It features the three final evolutions of the three [[Alola]] [[starter Pokémon]], and was made available on December 9, 2016 alongside the release of the {{TCG|Collection Sun & Moon}}.