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Passwords: after further research, it seems that passwords map to specific slot indexes, not simply a box of 64 objects
Certain Pokémon will appear in one kingdom the month after their password is typed in the Password section. After a password is used, it may not be used again unless save data is cleared. However, some Pokémon, such as Pikachu, have multiple passwords, which allow for more than one appearance. This is because each password enteredhas occupiesa onepre-assigned of"slot 64number" slotsfrom 0 to 63, inclusive. WhenAs alllong 64as slotsa havepassword is valid and its slot is not occupied by a previous password, the password will be recognized. However, once a specific password slot has been filled, noany additionalother passwords maythat bemap to that slot will prompt a "password alread used" message, even if that password has never been entered before.
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