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Kingdom events: added more details on professor, farmer, and attractive kingdom events
A Professor will offer advice about basic game mechanics once every story during May of Year 1. The next month, June of Year 1, will be the first month that enemy armies are able to attack the player's kingdoms.
===Traveling merchant===
Sometimes one of the Farmers will show up and ask for a monetary donation of 1000, 2500 or 5000 gold, whichever is the highest amount the player can afford at the time. If the player donates to the farmers three times, they will hold a festival the month after the third donation to thank for the support. This will maximize the Energy of Pokémon in the main kingdom. The farmers will also give the player three rare gift items, with the rarity of the item increasing with larger donations. Donations of 1000 will yield items available in Lv. 2 {{DL|Kingdom location|Shop}}s. Donations of 2500 will yield items available in Lv. 3 Shops. Donations of 5000 will yield single-use held items and equipment that can only be bought from the traveling merchant. The amount donated the third time determines the rarity of items received.
If the farmers are rejected three times, the farmers will rebel and decrease the Energy of Pokémon present in the main Warlord's kingdom by three levels.
===Attractive kingdom===
Warriors from other kingdoms will visit one of the player's kingdoms where they can be battled and recruited.
This event has three variations depending on the season: in spring months flowers will bloom, in autumn months the leaves will turn orange, and in summer months a summer festival will be held. The summer event occurs only if the player owns {{DL|List of Pokémon Conquest items|Fireworks}}.
===Full kingdom===