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Trick House

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The puzzles for Trick House are divided into three parts. First, the Trick Master is hiding somewhere in the first room of the house. In the Generation III games, the first three times the {{player}} enters the house, a small twinkle indicates the Trick Master's hiding place right away, but in later challenges and the Generation VI games the player must find him without any help.
Once the Trick Master is found, the player may enter the larger rear room through a passageway hidden behind the scroll on the wall. The rooms consist of some sort of maze with a gimmick to each of them, and each room also has Trainers and items ([[Mail]] in Generation III, locational specialties in Generation VI). The player must navigate through the maze to a second scroll, where they will obtain a secret code. Finally, the player must find the door to the Trick Master's room and write the code on it to gain access. Upon being found, the Trick Master will reward the player, and the player may take a shortcut passage out of the Trick House.