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Appendix:Emerald walkthrough/Section 9

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Abandoned Ship (optional)
[[File:Abandoned Ship 1F and rooms RSE.png|thumb|left|Abandoned Ship, 1F]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship B1F and rooms RSE.png|thumb|left|Abandoned Ship, B1F]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship UF RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, underwater hallway]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship HF and rooms RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, hidden floor]]
Located on {{rt|108|Hoenn}}, the [[Abandoned Ship]] is all that remains from when the S.S. Cactus ran aground. The old vessel has many rusted holes, broken doors, and furniture scattered around. Once slated for demolition, the half-sunken vessel now exists as a refuge for water-dwelling Pokémon. Navigating the structure requires the use of {{m|Dive|a certain field move}} in addition to {{m|Surf}}, so some parts will be inaccessible for now.