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====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Silvally}} ({{OP|Gladion|Silvally}})
* {{p|Litten}} ({{OP|Ash|Litten}})
* {{p|Popplio}} ({{OP|Lana|Popplio}})
* {{p|Vulpix}} ({{an|Lillie}}'s; [[Regional variant{{rf|Alolan|Alola Form]]}}; [[Snowy]])
* {{p|Togedemaru}} ({{OP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}})
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Steenee}})
* {{p|Komala}} ([[Samson Oak]]'s)
* {{p|Eevee}} ({{anOP|Gladion|Umbreon}}'s; flashback)
* {{p|Umbreon}} ({{anOP|Gladion|Umbreon}}'s)
* {{p|Lycanroc}} ({{anOP|Gladion|Lycanroc}}'s)
* {{p|Type: Null}} ({{OP|Gladion|Silvally}}; Silvally; evolves)
* {{p|Silvally}} ({{OP|Gladion|Silvally}}; newly evolved; debut)
** Answer: Hypno
* This episode is officially identified as the 1,000th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]] by [[The Pokémon Company]] in Japan.
** The count includes all episodes broadcast during the show's regular time-slot: all regular episodes plusincluding ''[[Holiday Hi-Jynx]]'', ''[[Snow Way Out!]]'', ''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]'', and ''[[EP053|The Purr-fect Hero]]'';, and allthe [[side storyspecial episodes]] from the {{series2|Diamond & Pearl}}, {{series2|Best Wishes}}, and {{series|XY}}, except for {{pkmn|movie}} prologues.
* This episode marks the first appearance of a Hypno in the anime since its cameo in ''[[AG162|Spontaneous Combusken!]]'', 552 episodes earlier.
* {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Lana}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, {{an|Sophocles}}, {{Ash}}, and a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Nihilego}} narrate the preview for the [[SM050|next episode]].