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Generation VII

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Advances in gameplay
* The addition of the Rotom Pokédex, a special [[Pokédex]] inhabited by a {{p|Rotom}} that doubles as a real-time map on the bottom screen of the [[Nintendo 3DS]].
* The 3D models used for characters on the overworld are refined, and Trainers can be seen behind their Pokémon during battle, similar to {{g|Colosseum}}, {{pkmn|XD: Gale of Darkness}}, and {{pkmn|Battle Revolution}}.
* Certain NPC trainers may keep their Pokémon in [[Poké Ball]]s other than the standard {{balli|Poké Ball}}.
* A new battle mechanic, [[Z-Move]]s, powerful moves that Pokémon can learn and perform once per battle.
* The addition of the [[island challenge]], a traditional rite in the Alola region involving trials guided by [[Trial Captain]]s, battling [[Totem Pokémon]], and battles with [[Island Kahuna]]s.
* The addition of the [[Poké Pelago]], an option accessible from the [[menu]] that allows the player to send Pokémon that are stored in a [[PC]] [[Pokémon Storage System|Box]] to various islands, allowing them to gather items, discover [[wild Pokémon]], and even raise their [[level]]s and [[statistic]]s.
* The player can now replace one of their [[party]] Pokémon with a newly [[caught Pokémon]] without having to use a [[PC]].
* One new variant of [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, the [[Poké Ball#Beast Ball|Beast Ball]], retaining the 26 found in previous games.
* The introduction of a new [[evolutionary stone]], the [[Ice Stone]].
* During a [[Pokémon battle]], the bottom screen now displays a move's [[type effectiveness]] once the player has encountered the Pokémon again.