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The value of ''T'' is based on a Pokémon's [[base stats|base]] {{stat|Speed}}. For a normal move, ''T'' is half the base Speed:
:<code>''T'' = ''BaseSpeed'' / 2</code> or <code>''P'' = ''BaseSpeed'' / 512</code>
Due to a bug, {{m|Focus Energy}} and {{DL|Battle item|[[Dire Hit}}]] lower a Pokémon's chance of scoring a critical hit instead of raising it, dividing ''T'' by 4:
:<code>''T''<sub>''FE''</sub> = ''BaseSpeed'' / 8</code> or <code>''P''<sub>''FE''</sub> = ''BaseSpeed'' / 2048</code>
If the move being used has a high critical-hit ratio ({{m|Crabhammer}}, {{m|Karate Chop}}, {{m|Razor Leaf}}, or {{m|Slash}}), ''T'' is multiplied by 8:
[[Lucky Punch]] (for {{p|Chansey}} only)</ab>
| &mdash;
| <ab>{{m|Focus Energy}} / {{DL|Battle item|[[Dire Hit}} <small>(Gen II: +1 stage)</small>]]
<small>(Gen II: +1 stage)</small>
[[Lansat Berry]]
Z-{{m|Foresight}}, Z-{{m|Sleep Talk}}, Z-{{m|Tailwind}}, Z-{{m|Acupressure}}, Z-{{m|Heart Swap}}