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Juggler (Trainer class)

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[[File:Juggler line RB.png|thumb|250px|The famous line]]
* In Generation I, there are ''two'' identical Juggler classes in the game's code, at hex D5 and DD.
* Juggler is the only Trainer class not to retain its original Japanese title from [[Generation II]] in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}. This is likely because "Gypsy Juggler" could be considered offensive to people of {{wp|Romani people|Romani descent}}.
* In [[Generation I]], a Juggler from the [[Fuchsia Gym]] had one line considered famous in fandom.
:'''JUGGLER''': "Dropped my balls!"
* * In [[Pokémon Stadium]], a Juggler in [[Fuschia Gym ]] has a Slowbro that knows {{m|Metronome}}, even though [[Game move errors|it cannot legitimately have the move in any generation]].