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Well, this is news to me...
* The Pokémon Quiz minigame is an [[Nintendo 64]] cartridge and strangely multiple copies of the game can be seen by the console. One of the copies is most likely the Shadow Pokémon Quiz minigame but the others are unknown.
* Certain objects move when the player speaks such as a toy in the Bedroom.
* Contrary to popular belief, saying "[[wp:Sony|Sony]]" or "[[wp:PlayStation|PlayStation]]" does not cause Pikachu to get angry. However, calling it an "electric rat" will.
* Objects and items can be moved with the speech bubble from the megaphone item. Also, Pokémon will react to the megaphone, often running away from the noise.
* This is the first Pokémon game to feature {{p|Togepi|a Pokémon}} from the [[Generation II|following generation]].