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Similar concepts
* {{p|Mantyke}}'s Pokédex entry in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s|Pokémon Pearl}} says that the pattern on its back varies from region to region. While it has the same appearance in all [[Generation IV]] games (due to using the same sprites), the "face" in the [[Generation]] {{gen|V}} and {{gen|VI}} games appears wider; however, all Mantyke look the same within each game, regardless of origin.
* {{p|Vivillon}}, which was introduced in [[Generation VI]], has a different appearance depending on the real world location the game it was created in is from.
* In the {{pkmn|anime}}, in the episode ''[[EP083|Poké Ball Peril]]'', a number of alternately colored Pokémon were seen on [[Valencia Island]], including {{p|Butterfree}}, {{p|Raticate}}, {{p|Nidoran♂}}, {{p|Nidoran♀}}, {{p|Vileplume}}, {{p|Paras}}, and {{p|Weepinbell}}. [[Professor Ivy]], the [[Pokémon Professor]] of the [[Orange Archipelago]], studies these variations.
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