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Pokémon Fan Club (Aquapolis 130)

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==Release information==
This card was included in the {{TCG|Aquapolis}} expansion with artwork by [[Ken Sugimori]], first released in the Japanese {{TCG|The Town on No Map}} expansion with artwork by [[Ken Sugimori]]. In Japan, it was reprinted as a commemorative promotional card with new artwork by the same artist awarded to members of the [[Pokémon Daisuki Club]] who completed the Pokémon Card Game Beginner Class. This print has the Pokémon Daisuki Club logo on the bottom left of the card. It was released in the English {{TCG|POP Series 4}} expansion.
During the XY Series, this card was reprinted as both a Regular card and a {{TCG|Full Art card}} in the English {{TCG|Flashfire}} expansion, previously released in the Japanese {{TCG|Wild Blaze}} expansion. The Regular print features artwork by [[Yusuke Ohmura]], while the Full Art print features artwork by [[Emi Ando]]. The Regular print was reprinted in Japan as part of the {{TCG|M Master Deck Build Box Power Style}} and {{TCG|M Master Deck Build Box Speed Style}}, bothwhich were released on August 7, 2015, and again as part of the {{TCG|M Audino-EX Mega Battle Deck}}. It was also included in the special English {{TCG|Generations}} expansion and the Japanese {{TCG|BREAK Starter Pack}}, both of which commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. It was reprinted once again in the {{TCG|Fates Collide}} expansion, first released in the Japanese {{TCG|M Audino-EX Mega Battle Deck}}.
This card's dot code contains player data for the [[Construction: Action]] application for the [[e-Reader]].
The [[Pokémon Fan Club]] is an organization in the [[Pokémon games]] dedicated to all aspects of Pokémon. They have a club house in every [[Region]]. The {{TCG|Flashfire}} prints both depict a {{tc|Poké Fan Family}}, a [[Trainer class]] featured in {{g|X and Y}} composed of both a male and female {{tc|Poké Fan}}.
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