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Robert (Hoenn)

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[[File:Robert and Milotic.png|thumb|left|220px|Robert and his Milotic]]
Robert made his debut appearance in ''[[AG035|Win, Lose or Drew!]]'', where he was seen participating in the [[Slateport City]] [[Pokémon Contest]]. In the first round, he delivered a performance that left [[Raoul Contesta|the]] [[Mr. Sukizo|three]] [[Nurse Joy|judges]] very impressed and secured him a place among the {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s moving on to the [[Contest Battle]]s. There, he faced off against [[Drew]] in the semifinals and proved to be a very tough opponent, lowering enough of Drew's points to be announced as the winner of their battle when the five-minute time limit expired. He was later shown receiving the Slateport [[Ribbon]].