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Goldenrod Department Store

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The '''Goldenrod Department Store''' (Japanese: '''コガネひゃっかてん''' ''Kogane Department Store'') is the largest store in [[Johto]]. It is located in south central [[Goldenrod City]], (just north-east of the southern entrance to the city), and contains many items not found in a traditional [[Poké Mart]]. It is the Johto region's direct equivalent of [[Kanto|Kanto]]'s]] [[Celadon Department Store]].
===Sixth Floor: Rooftop Atrium===
A picnic table and some vending[[Vending machinesMachine]]s are located on this floor. A sign implores customers to "Take a Break from Shopping". In {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} as well as in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, this is the uppermost floor, but in {{game|Crystal}}, there is an additional flight of stairs leading up to a higher floor. This floor is called the Rooftop Square in Gold and Silver, while in Crystal it is called Tranquil Square.
{{shop|Generations II & IV}}
In addition to the [[vendingVending machine]]sMachines, in Generation IV there is a raffle that can be entered for {{pdollar}}300 where the player may win a [[Berry]], a type of [[Poké Ball]], or a [[TM]]. The first and second prizes change depending on the [[days of the week|day of the week]]. The player may play the raffle as many times as they wish.
'''Lottery prizes by day:'''
===Roof: Rooftop Lookout===
{{incomplete|section|Info on what causes a change in items sold}}
A floor exclusive to {{game|Crystal}}, the rooftop cannot be accessed by the elevator; instead the player must travel up the final flight of stairs. Some binoculars let spectators see things far away. Some people go up to the roof top to take a break from shopping. There are also some vendingVending machinesMachines for [[Pokémon doll]]s, but the player cannot buy anything from them as they are "almost empty".
There will occasionally be a Rooftop Sale, which Camper Todd will call the player about on the [[Pokégear]].