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Goldenrod Department Store

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this is the case for GSC actually.
This floor is devoted to the sale of [[TM|Technical Machines]]. The poster on the wall declares "Customize Your Pokémon!" Talking to the little girl on this floor unlocks the [[Mystery Events|Mystery Gift]] option. There is also a man who wants to trade a {{p|Drowzee}} for a {{p|Machop}}.
On Sundays, a woman will appear who will give the player {{TM|27|Return}} if the lead Pokémon in the player's [[party]] has high [[friendship]] or {{TM|21|Frustration}} if it has low friendship. IfWhile in the Pokémon'sGeneration friendshipII is neutral,games she will notonly give the player anyone TM, but they may still show her a differentweek, Pokémonin toHeartGold getand one.SoulSilver, Onceonce she has given the player one of the TMs, she will not give either again any time afterwards. If the Pokémon's friendship is neutral, she will not give the player any TM, but they may still show her a different Pokémon to get one.
===Sixth Floor: Rooftop Atrium===
A picnic table and some vending machines are located on this floor. A sign implores customers to "Take a Break from Shopping". In {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} as well as in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, this is the uppermost floor, but in {{game|Crystal}}, there is an additional flight of stairs leading up to a higher floor. This floor is called the Rooftop Square in Gold and Silver, while in Crystal it is called Tranquil Square.
{{shop|Generations II & IV}}