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Kecleon team member glitch
===Kecleon team member glitch===
{{main|List of glitches in spin-off games#Kecleon team member glitch}}
In [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team|Red and Blue Rescue Team]], the Kecleon in a dungeon shop can be made to follow the team around and behave as a team member, (Itbut will attacknot youfollow ifthe youteam somehowonto findthe meansnext offloor. attackingIf itthe likeplayer eatingdamages aKecleon, Blastsuch Seedas ontothrough itthe oruse usingof [[Selfdestruct]]a orBlast [[Explosion]]Seed nearor it.)a butmove willsuch notas follow{{m|Selfdestruct}}, theKecleon teamwill ontoattack the nextplayer's floorteam. The glitch is generally activated if Kecleon is somehow attacked by enemy Pokémon (it automatically follows with your team so it can attack enemy Pokémon) by means of the player or partner(s) using a [[Pass Scarf]] to make a wild Pokémon damage the Kecleon, or an enemy Pokémon using Selfdestruct or {{m|Explosion}} without destroying anything on the shop tiles, or the trap equivalents are activated by the player or partner(s).
==In the anime==