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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 26

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Cinnabar Island
[[File:Cinnabar Island GSC.png|thumb|left|The remains of Cinnabar Island]]
At some point during the last few years, the volcanic [[Cinnabar Island]] erupted. The Pokémon Center has been rebuilt, but the rest of the town was either buried in rubble or swept into the sea. It is here that you meet {{ga|Blue}}, contemplating the power of nature. He heads back to the [[Viridian Gym]] to await your challenge, but it is important to challenge the [[Cinnabar Gym]] Leader first. With the Gym destroyed, [[Blaine]] was forced to relocate to a cave in the [[Seafoam Islands]] to the east.heads
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==Route 20==
[[File:Kanto Route 20 GSC.png|thumb|350px|right|Route 20]]