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Glitch (FA)

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ゥ▾ ゥ♂
| generation=1
| gen1equivexists=yes
| gen1equivname=ゥゥ♂
| height-ftin=23'0"
| weight-lbs=880.6
[[File:RBGlitchNameFA.png]], also known as '''Glitchy Nidorino''' or '''Glitcherino''', is a {{type|Poison}} [[glitch Pokémon]].
Its name consists of three illegible tiles: {{tt|199|Decimal}} (0xC7), 161 (0xA1), and 190 (0xBE). It can only be obtained via the [[Johto guard glitch]] with {{p|Qwilfish}}. It often appears in the teams of [[glitch Trainer]]s. The game brings up an invalid glitch Trainer which freezes the game if it is directly encountered as a wild Pokémon, so it is not available via the [[Mew glitch#Ditto glitch|Ditto glitch]]. When traded to {{game|Yellow}} Version, it becomes a [[ゥゥ♂]].
When first sent out, it shows a corrupted sprite of Nidorino, but soon fixes it after its HP bar appears.
rbarea=[[Johto guard glitch]] ({{p|Qwilfish}})|
yrarity=None |
yarea=Becomes [[ゥゥ♂]] in {{v2|Yellow}}|
* The name of Glitch (FA) takes up three lines, resulting in the player having to press the A button three times in order to see the name in its entirety. This is because the name is made up of more characters than the amount used in regular Pokémon names.
* While both Glitch (FA) and its equivalent [[ゥゥ♂]] both exist in [[Generation I]] where there are no genders, Nidorino are always male and ゥゥ♂'s name contains a male symbol.
* Glitch (FA) cannot learn any [[Same-type attack bonus|STAB]] moves.