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Pokémon (species)

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In the anime
==In the anime==
In the anime, Pokémon are shown to be creatures with distinctively more human-like qualities than normal animals, with several even [[talking Pokémon|able to speak]]. Some Pokémon have the ability to speak the dubbing language instead of their own names, such as {{MTR}} of {{TRT|Team Rocket}}. They also seem to be able to understand [[human]] speak, while most humans can't understand their speak.
The anime takes a clear stance of right and wrong on the use of Pokémon: Trainers such as {{Ash}} are shown to treat their Pokémon with respect, as partners and friends, while evil organizations like [[Team Rocket]] are shown to use Pokémon as tools, keeping them in cages -- a stark contrast to Ash and his {{AP|Pikachu}}, who he keeps on his shoulder, rather than in a [[Poké Ball]], because of its own preference.