Smoothness (Japanese: なめらかさ smoothness) is a property of Berries in the Generation III, IV, and VIII core series games. It affects the feel (Japanese: こまかさ fineness) rating of Pokéblocks and the smoothness of Poffins made from them.

Smoothness is unrelated to the purely non-functional firmness property which is visible on Berry tags; for example, while the Pecha Berry and Chesto Berry both have a smoothness of 25, the Pecha Berry is Very Soft while the Chesto Berry is Super Hard. The smoothness of a Berry is not directly visible in-game.

Pokéblocks and Poffins

The feel or smoothness of a Pokéblock or Poffin is equal to the average smoothness of the Berries used (rounded down), minus the number of Berries used (i.e. the number of people participating). This can be expressed as the following formula (where n is the number of Berries used):


When a Pokémon eats a Pokéblock or Poffin, that food item's feel or smoothness is added to the consumer's sheen, up to a maximum of 255. A Pokémon with 255 sheen cannot eat any more Pokéblocks or Poffins in the Generation III and IV games (in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokéblocks are not affected by sheen).

List of Berries' smoothness

Berry Smoothness
  Cheri Berry 25 25
  Chesto Berry 25 25
  Pecha Berry 25 25
  Rawst Berry 25 25
  Aspear Berry 25 25
  Leppa Berry 20 20
  Oran Berry 20 20
  Persim Berry 20 20
  Lum Berry 20 20
  Sitrus Berry 20 20
  Figy Berry 25 25
  Wiki Berry 25 25
  Mago Berry 25 25
  Aguav Berry 25 25
  Iapapa Berry 25 25
  Razz Berry 20 20
  Bluk Berry 20 20
  Nanab Berry 20 20
  Wepear Berry 20 20
  Pinap Berry 20 20
  Pomeg Berry 20 20
  Kelpsy Berry 20 20
  Qualot Berry 20 20
  Hondew Berry 20 20
  Grepa Berry 20 20
  Tamato Berry 30 30
  Cornn Berry 30 30
  Magost Berry 30 30
  Rabuta Berry 30 30
  Nomel Berry 30 30
  Spelon Berry 70 35
  Pamtre Berry 70 35
  Watmel Berry 70 35
  Durin Berry 70 35
  Belue Berry 70 35
  Occa Berry 30
  Passho Berry 30
  Wacan Berry 30
  Rindo Berry 30
  Yache Berry 30
  Chople Berry 30
  Kebia Berry 30
  Shuca Berry 30
  Coba Berry 30
  Payapa Berry 30
  Tanga Berry 35
  Charti Berry 35
  Kasib Berry 35
  Haban Berry 35
  Colbur Berry 35
  Babiri Berry 35
  Chilan Berry 35
  Liechi Berry 80 40
  Ganlon Berry 80 40
  Salac Berry 80 40
  Petaya Berry 80 40
  Apicot Berry 80 40
  Lansat Berry 30 50
  Starf Berry 30 50
  Enigma Berry 40 60
  Pumkin Berry 65
  Drash Berry 65
  Eggant Berry 65
  Strib Berry 85
  Chilan Berry 85
  Nutpea Berry 5
  Ginema Berry 70
  Kuo Berry 5
  Yago Berry 65
  Touga Berry 65
  Niniku Berry 85
  Topo Berry 85
  Micle Berry 60
  Custap Berry 60
  Jaboca Berry 60
  Rowap Berry 60
  Roseli Berry 35


  • In the Generation III games, there is an unused string for tasty (Japanese: うまい tasty) between the strings for the five flavors and feel in the Pokéblock Case. In the debug version, it is used to refer to the feel rating of a Pokéblock in the debug menu. The internal data of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl also refer to the smoothness of Berries as taste.
  • The lowest possible smoothness that can be achieved is through using 4 players to blend a Pokéblock using exclusively Nutpea or Kuo berries in the Generation III games, creating a Pokéblock with a feel of 1. Due to using multiple of the same type of berry, however, the resulting Pokéblock will be black and have 3 random flavors of strength 2.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 順口度 Seuhnháudouh
Mandarin 順口度 Shùnkǒudù *
润口度 Rùnkǒudù *
滑潤度 Huárùndù *
  French OnctuositéBDSP
  German WeichheitBDSP
  Italian MorbidezzaBDSP
  Korean 부드러움 Budeureo-um
  Spanish SuavidadBDSP

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