Sepultura (Japanese: セパルトラ Sepultura) is a recurring Pokémon nickname. In Spanish and Portuguese, "sepultura" means "grave" (burying place).


In the games

Generation I


This nickname was introduced in a Japanese Pokémon Red and Green battle screenshot where the player's level 5 Charmander named Sepultura uses Scratch on a level 18 Pidgeotto (including Pidgeotto's front sprite specifically from Japanese Pokémon Red and Green).

This screenshot appears on the back of the Japanese boxes of Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue (but not in Pokémon Yellow) for Game Boy. It also appears on the back of the Japanese boxes of all Virtual Console versions of Generation I games, this time including Yellow as well.

This scene is not seen in the boxes of the English games (either in the Game Boy or Virtual Console versions).

Nintendo's Japanese website also includes a similar image in a page about Pokémon Red and Green, except Charmander's nickname is Thompson (Japanese: トンプソン), and its foe is a level 5 Squirtle (using the front sprite from Japanese Pokémon Red and Green as well).[1]

Generation VI

In Pokémon X and Y, a male Rising Star on Route 21 says that his Pokémon's nickname is "Sepultura" (Japanese: セパルトラ; Korean: 세파르트라) in the English, Japanese, and Korean versions.

This nickname was changed to "Ash Ketchum" in the Spanish version, "Misty" in the German version, and "Wockerjab" in the French version. In the Italian version, he instead says, "A battle a day keeps the doctor away!" (Italian: "Una lotta al giorno toglie il medico di torno!"), a pun on the expression "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

In the anime

Pokémon Origins

In the Japanese version of File 1: Red, the first episode of Pokémon Origins, Red shortly considers nicknaming his Charmander "Sepultura", but ultimately chooses to leave Charmander without a nickname. In the English dub, Red simply does not consider any nickname for Charmander. As a result, the nickname "Sepultura" is not mentioned in the English dub.



  • Sepultura's battle screenshot from Pokémon Red and Green appears unchanged on the box of Japanese Pokémon Blue (both Game Boy and Virtual Console) and Pokémon Yellow (Virtual Console only) as well. Therefore, Pidgeotto's front sprite seen on the box of both Pokémon Blue and Yellow does not match its front sprite seen in-game.
  • In Pokémon Red and Green, the only opportunity to see the exact scene as in the battle screenshot would be when facing the rival Blue in Cerulean City. He is the only NPC with a level 18 Pidgeotto, and there is no wild Pidgeotto with that specific level anywhere. The player would also require a Charmander as shown in the image (named "セパルトラ", with level 5, whose maximum HP is 20, without any damage, and that knows Scratch), either as the first partner Pokémon, or traded from someone else. Alternatively, two players may battle via the Game Link Cable with the same Pokémon as shown in the battle screenshot.
    • In the Japanese Pokémon Blue, Pidgeotto's front sprite is different; otherwise, the requirements to see this scene would be the same as Pokémon Red and Green.
    • In Pokémon Yellow, Pidgeotto's front sprite is different as well. Additionally, it is impossible to see this exact scene without trading a level 5 Charmander from another game; the only Charmander available without trades is received with level 10. Unlike the previous games, Blue does not own a level 18 Pidgeotto in any battle, but the player may battle wild Pidgeotto with that level in Route 11.


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