Sawyer (Masters)/Quotes

These are Sawyer's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Sawyer has a different set of voice clips that he used before he became playable, and will still use in some story areas and battles, denoted here as "NPC".

Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"The name's Sawyer. I'm asking for your support for the sake of Pasio, the PML, and our young master."
  • Sync pair viewer
"Everything I do is for the young master! I'd face any challenge for him, big or small!"
"Shucks... I'm so misty-eyed, I can hardly see!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Let me join you!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"Now this is something worth learning!"
  • Upon leveling up
"Looks like our training paid off."
  • Upon reaching max level
"This should help us better serve the young master!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"I'll use this strength to support the young master!"
  • During conversation
"Mm-hm-hmm! ♪"
"Well done."
"Great job!"
"Go for it!"
"Why, I oughta–"
"No way!"
"Come on..."
"Much appreciated!"
"My apologies."
"That's a no."
"I'm countin' on ya."
"Makes sense."
"Whoa, amazing!"
"Ngeh, mmph..."
"I am not holding back!"
"Come at me with all you've got!"
  • During conversation (NPC)
"Hey, you."
"Uhh, right..."
"Nice work."
"Time to celebrate!"
"Show 'em what ya got!"
"Why, I oughta–"
"Not happening."
"Oooh, heh hyah..."
"No way..."
"I swear..."
"Thank you kindly."
"Sorry about that."
"No sweat."
"You're asking a bit much."
"Counting on you."
"Well, fancy that!"
"Whoa, now!"
"See you around."
"Let's settle this here and now."
"Come at me!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"It's the start of a new morning! Time to patrol the island and make sure nobody disturbs the peace."
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I'm always looking for new ways to make things exciting on Pasio. Got any ideas?"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Hahahahah! What a day, eh? If you're feeling tired, don't worry! Days like this only make you stronger!"
  • During special gift conversation
"You can have this."
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • VS screen
"Let's begin!"
  • VS screen (NPC)
"I'm taking you down with style."
  • Sending out Pokémon
  • Sending out Pokémon (NPC)
  • Using Pokémon move
"Here we go!"
"Get 'em!"
  • Using Pokémon move (NPC)
"Keep up the pressure!"
  • Using item
"I'll handle this!"
  • Using item (NPC)
"Hasta la vista!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Now's our chance!"
  • Using sync move
"This one's for you, young master!"
  • Using sync move (NPC)
"Hope you're ready."
  • Unity attack / theme skill
"Got it!"
  • Uh-oh! (NPC)
"Well, fancy that."
  • Switching in
"Takin' over!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"How'd that happen?"
  • "Nice" emote
"Way to go!"
  • "Watch out" emote
"Watch out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"I can't help but be impressed!"
  • "Thanks" emote
"Much appreciated!"
  • Defeat
"What a disaster!"
  • Defeat (NPC)
"Hmph! Well, a loss is a loss."
  • Victory
"Great battle! Our bonds are even stronger now!"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 3 - Rise beyond the Flames
  • The Creator of Pasio
Sawyer. Anyone who disrespects the young master will have to answer to me..."
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 5 - The High-Flying Girl
  • Dead Set on Victory
"Well done as always, young master."
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 9 - The Beauty of Friendship
  • A Clash of Wills
"Champion or not, I doubt she'll be able to defeat the young master. I'm sure it'll be the same next time he faces that kid in the red hat..."
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 10 - A Matter of Pride
  • An Unexpected Collaboration
"Uh... <player>, was it?"
"The young master gave us a specific job to do, Rachel."
  • If spoken to in the second area
"Blasted Team Break thugs...wreaking havoc everywhere you go while the young master's trying to run a tournament!"
"Who do you think you're talking to? Master Lear handpicked the two of us to crack down on troublemaking misfits like you!"
  • After defeating the Team Break members in the second area
"Not yet. We need to continue making our rounds. Team Break have probably scattered all over this island."
  • After speaking to Rachel in the third area
"Heh, Rachel's right. It's obvious you kids have grown a lot as Trainers since the last time we saw you."
"But the young master's putting in just as much effort–if not more. He's made sure the volcanoes and glaciers all look as realistic as possible..."
"all so that the Trainers who come to Pasio can experience Pokémon battles in a load of different environments."
  • If spoken to in the fourth area
"These other Team Break thugs look stronger than the last ones. Don't let your guard down, <player>."
"Leave it at that, Rachel. We just happen to share an enemy with <player> right now... That's all."
"Phew... Looks like we cleared out all the Team Break stragglers in this area."
"Rachel...the young master highly values the work that you do. You know that."
"Well, he's got a lot on his shoulders for someone so young. Running the PML is no small feat."
"That's right. Right now, what the young master wants most is to see his tournament go off without a hitch."
"That's why we're out here keeping order. We can't afford to let Team Break ruin Pasio's reputation."
"L-love the–! The young master is someone I respect. He's my prince!"
"Much appreciated, <player>."
"However...the young master IS going to win the PML. Both of us support him wholeheartedly in that, all right?"
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 1 - Brock's Grit
  • Let the Tournament Begin!
"M-my apologies, young master!"
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 2 - A Stubborn Obstacle
  • Stand Up as a Team
"How dare you speak to the young master that way!"
"Y-young Master? Are you all right?"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 19 - Rematch vs. Lear!
  • More Precious than Victory
"Young master... May I say something?"
"<player> and his/her team may not be perfect, but they were strong enough to qualify for the finals, so be careful."
"Y-young master?"
  • Until Next We Battle
"Young master..."
"Exactly! The young master's worked harder than anyone else to get to where he is now and to become the ultimate victor."
"He can win without using sync moves–and without help from anyone else!"
Our next battle will be at the PML!: "<player>..."
"Young master..."
"Your father, the king, made you a promise. If the PML is a success here on Pasio, he'll name you as the heir to his throne."
"His highness won't go back on his word just because you lost a Pokémon battle... That's not gonna happen."
"I think you'll be a great king someday–one who's worthy of succeeding your father on the throne."
"Have a little faith, young master..."
"Young master?"
"Huh? Why would the royal manor be calling at a time like this?"
"This is Sawyer speaking. Apologies, but now is not a good–"
"Wh-what?! Are you sure?! How could security let this happen?!"
"We've got an emergency, young master! I just got word that some thieves have entered the royal manor, and..."
"they've taken it, sir!"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 21 - Face the Fight!
  • Face the Fight: Part 1
"All right, listen up! We're starting the opening ceremony for the PML finals!"
"You and your Pokémon all pushed yourselves to the limit to make it this far in the competition."
  • Off-screen
"You all got guts–that's for sure! Pat yourselves on the back!"
"But that's not good enough, is it? I figure most of you came here to win..."
"so let's see it! Duke it out to your heart's content! You're here to prove that you're the best, aren't you? Well, here's your chance!"
  • On-screen
"The PML finals is your stage! It's time to show off!"
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 3 - The Truth about Pasio
  • King of Solitude
  • Off-screen
"Sorry I'm late, young master!"
  • After appearing
"That's right. And we sent people back home if they didn't want to stay on Pasio, all right?"
"All we wanted to do was use Hoopa's powers to ramp up the excitement around here for the tournament!"
"Young master..."
"Y-yeah! Coming right now!"
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 4 - The Once-Charming Prince
  • Rachel, Sawyer, and Lear
"Wait, young master! We came to back you up!"
"B-but, young master..."
"Your strength is a sight to behold, young master. But if you keep shouldering all these burdens alone..."
"Young master!"
"... ... ..."
"Listen, kid–I mean, Cheren. I took the liberty of looking up a little more about you."
"I know you didn't get to be a teacher without some leadership skills."
"So what do you say to using those help our young master find his way?"
"Ever since he lost to <player>, the young master's been growing more and more obsessed with becoming powerful."
"He can't afford to go on that way."
"I'm worried the young master'll get himself into big trouble if he takes the throne without learning what it means to be a true king first."
"You see it too, don't you, Rachel? That temperament of his isn't kingly at all."
"Let's enlist Cheren's help. It's for the young master's sake, after all."
  • Off-screen
"I know that to you, the young master probably looks like some power-obsessed snob who treats people and Pokémon like tools."
"But he used to be a kind boy–the type of son you'd hope to see in a royal family."
  • On-screen
"Right. After she passed, His Majesty the king took the young master from our care and sent him off to a strict school."
"And when he came back, there wasn't much left of the kind boy we knew."
"I've been hoping that running the PML would help him work through some of his troubles."
"Think about the meaning of the five badges and how the tournament's structure allows Trainers to team up with sync pairs they've battled against."
"The rules don't really sound like something the young master'd come up with, do they? That's cause I'm the one who made the arrangements."
"The idea was that the setup would help him remember what it's like to trust people and Pokémon."
"But my efforts weren't enough to make any difference in the young master."
"Please, Cheren–make the difference I couldn't."
"Help him find his old self who cared so much about those close to he can become a worthy king."
"All right! Thank you. It means a lot to me."
"Well, to tell the truth, we don't get the deal with Hoopa ourselves."
"The young master just showed up with it all of a sudden after we decided to put together the PML."
"He wouldn't tell us where or how he met it, let alone why it's helping him."
"... ... ..."
"I'm afraid we're done going along with your plans."
"Absolutely. We're giving up on you. We've had enough."
"I really hoped that if you got to know lots of other sync pairs here, it'd bring back the good in you."
"But if your recent behavior is anything to go by, it seems I set my hopes too high."
"It's such a shame. It really is."
"We're leaving Pasio. Excuse us."
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 5 - What Makes a King
  • Cheren's Intervention
"Well, he had a point. We do tend to be a little indulgent with the young master."
"So if Cheren says a little separation is what's best for the young master..."
"I don't think we have much choice but to believe him."
"Ngh. I hope he's all right..."
"Gaaah! I can't stand it! Young master, it's killing me to leave you like this! But I've gotta stand firm for your sake!"
"No, you're not! My care for the young master runs waaay deeper than yours and you know it!"
  • Off-screen
"Young master! I believe in you! I know you'll become worthy of the crown!"
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 6 - Royally Alone
  • A Less-Than-Perfect Reunion
"What?! The young master went to face Team Break all by himself?!"
"I-I guess you're right."
"Honchkrow! Help look for the young master from the skies!"
"Get out of our way! We don't have time to waste on the likes of you!"
Main Story PML Arc - Interlude 7 - Shining Bonds
  • The End of the PML
  • In flashback, off-screen
"Please! Just let us see the young master! It sounds like he's really struggling right now."
  • On-screen
"Is that a Hoopa–one of the Mythical Pokémon?! How?!"
"I think you may have summoned the wrong kid, young master..."
  • Things Forgotten
  • Off-screen
"Young master!"
  • After appearing
"Young master! I'm so glad you're all right!"
"What we were doing obviously wasn't working, so we had Cheren try to be a guiding voice for you instead."
"We wanted to help you change."
"Yeah. But then..."
"I can't believe you'd walk into a trap like that all by yourself! What were you thinking?!"
"If anything ever happened to you, I'd...I'd..."
"... ... ..."
  • The Power of Friendship
"Counting on you, Honchkrow!"
"Ready when you are, young master!"
"Well done, young master!"
"M-my apologies!"
"Y-young master! Did you just say what I think you said?"
"We took care of everyone out here! This is as far as you go!"
  • Off-screen
"What a dirty trick!"
  • On-screen
"Y-young master?"
"Young master..."
"Hang in there, Hoopa!"
"Up until now, it wouldn't glow, no matter what we did..."
  • A King Who Cares
"Well done, young master!"
"Y-yes, sir!"
"Young master, what is it?"
"Young master..."
"Young master! Look at how you've grown!"
"I, Sawyer, have no regrets! I can live happy!"
"M-my apologies, young master! We knew, but..."
"Young master, we must hurry and prepare!"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 28 - Change of Heart
  • PML Defenders
"Sorry, young master. It's just..."
"Can we use this opportunity to make things up to you? Let us fight by your side!"
"Young master..."
  • Team Break Ambush! Part 3
  • Before the first battle
"We have no choice! Let's stand our ground, Rachel!"
Don't mess with Sawyer!: "<player>..."
  • After the first battle
"Thanks, <player>! We owe you one."
"What's wrong, Rachel? Aren't you going to thank them?"
"Grahahahaw! THAT'S what you're worried about?"
"Don't worry. Those are two separate things. I certainly won't go easy on them in the semifinals, either! So come on..."
  • A Match to Remember
"Nice work, young master!"
"Looks like we've officially gotten rid of Pasio's biggest headache."
"R-right away!"
"What do you think, young master?"
"Are you sure that's the punishment you want to go with?"
"Young master..."
"We're getting reports from all over Pasio. Sounds like folks are OK with postponing the match until tomorrow."
"In return, they say they want us to make it the greatest battle ever!"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 29 - Semifinal Showdown
  • Semifinal Showdown: Part 1
"You got us to the semifinals–now it's our turn to bring home the victory."
"We've learned that it's good to have friends, haven't we, young master."
"Whatever his reasons may have been, Cheren did all of this for you, young master..."
"C-coming, young master!"
"I...I'm not crying! Someone must be cooking onions or something..."
"Your big speech yesterday must've made an impression on them. They can see how much you've grown."
"Come on! Let's go win this thing and give the crowd what they're hoping for!"
"He did. I think his name's Paulo, if I remember correctly."
"He lost to <player>'s team in round two. Is something going on with him?"
  • Semifinal Showdown: Part 2
"This is it, young master! Let's give 'em everything we've got, no holds barred!"
"Young master..."
"You can count on us!"
  • Semifinal Showdown: Part 3
"I'm sorry, young master! I-it was my fault!"
"If I'd been able to support you better... I could have–"
"Young master, you... You've really..."
"I'm just so proud of you."
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 30 - The Road to Victory
  • The Road Goes Ever On
"We're here to escort you to the award ceremony. Come with us. It'll be starting soon."
"He must have tried so hard to hold it together... Just didn't quite make it to the end."
"Between you and me, when the king spoke to him about his succession yesterday..."
"he also told him, "You battled well.""
"I'm sure it'll all work out, now that the young master has learned how important it is to connect with others..."
Legendary Adventures - Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings
  • Oh, Ho-Oh!
"Where did it go? I could have sworn it was this way..."
"Man, this is annoying. Why couldn't I have stayed at the villa?"
"Ooh! That's Ho-Oh! A Legendary Pokémon from the Johto region!"
"This is great! If the young master had that for a partner Pokémon, he'd get even stronger..."
"Ah! Hey! Wait! I said wait, dang it!"
Main Story Villain Arc - Galar - A Millennium into the Future
  • Repeated Mistakes
"Is that the application form for the arena?"
"I see... Unfortunately, Chairman Rose has already submitted an application."
"Chairman Rose has submitted applications for all of them."
"The only place available is the village square."
  • Headed for the Same Future!
"Some people are even publicly criticizing our young master."
  • Taking Sides
"A-all right! You, right there! You shall be my opponent!"
"Guess that's it for us. I believe in the young master—and that he'll win!"
Battle Villa
  • Before battle
"Well, fancy that. I had a feeling you could handle yourself in here, <player>. Guess I wasn't wrong..."
"You know what comes next, right, kid? Time to throw down! Come at me!"
  • After being defeated
"Impressive! No wonder you've been givin' the young master a run for his money."
"Hah! Good battle, kid."
Story Event - Summer Superstars
  • The Sync Pair Music Festival!
"Well done as always, young master! How generous of you!"
  • Endless Summer!
"Steven has a lot of fans, after all. We'll probably get a lot of business after this."
"What wonderful thoughtfulness! Well done as always, young master!"
Story Event - Pasio Eggsplorers
  • A Scrambled Egg?!
"For now, I'll pass on instructions to my staff. I'll leave the rest to you."
  • Ready, Set, Hunt!
"A surprise?"
"You didn't tell us anything about this!"
  • A Sunny-Side Future
"I hate to admit it, but our chances of finding it aren't looking too good..."
"Er... Actually, we've still got plenty of time! I'll go take a look around myself!"
Solo Event - Town Square Street Fair
  • A Masked Face-Off!
Solo Event - Lear Takes the Lead
  • Follow My Lead!
"It's not listening!"
"Did you hear that, young master? The audience must be in a frenzy about this, even as we speak!"
"Right away!"
  • Can't Wait to Be King
"We were able to get Lisia back to her concert!"
"Of course, young master! I'll follow you to the ends of the world!"
Story Event - Hearts United
  • N's Dream
"The young master heard about your dream and wanted to support your message somehow."
"It would please him greatly if you could share a few words."
Costume Event - Poké War Games
  • Capture the Golden Spheres!
"Young master! I think we're ready to go!"
"First, let's give them an overview of the event. Take it away, young master!"
"One more question. How exactly are we going to split all the participants into two teams?"
"Young master! It's time for your next appointment!"
Story Event - Winter Wishes
  • Nessa's Memories
"Hm... Where on Pasio has Leon gone to deliver those presents?"
"I hope I can find him so I can give him these extra deliveries!"
  • Champion Responsibility
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"There you are!"
  • After appearing, as Sawyer
"No wonder I couldn't find you!"
"That's a fine crown you've got there. Perhaps one day the young master will also have one, too..."
"Hm? Wha–"
"Did I just nod off? Have I been working too much?"
"Sorry 'bout that, Leon. But anyway, could you help us deliver these extra presents, too?"
"I'll see you around."
Story Event - Pasio Friendiversary
  • Raihan's Photo Op
"Are you this passionate at your concerts?"
  • Sincere Thanks
"Oh, young master!"
"I never knew you were so grateful for our service, young master! We'll stay by your side forever!"
Special Event - The Classic Thunderbolt
  • Ash's Sync Move Practice
"Young Master! It's about time."
  • Use Thunderbolt!
"That Trainer with the hat... Ash, was it?"
"He's already gotten used to the Pokémon battles here on Pasio."
Costume Event - Super Tour Guide Rosa
  • Pasio Tourism Ambassador!
"The young master has the future of Pasio in mind. He's constantly growing as a person!"
Neo Champions - Leaders of a New Era
  • A Worthy Rival
"Young master, let's take these Team Break members away before they act out again."
Story Event - Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast
  • Ball Guy Goes Ball-istic
"Over here, young master!"
  • Ball Guy, Caught!
"Cheer them on? What nonsense!"
Solo Event - Fashion Week!
  • Sawyer's Proposal
"Young master, if I may... I have a suggestion."
"With fashion, no matter the look, the key is the person wearing it. The body is important!"
"Therefore, I think those with the best-trained bodies should be featured!"
"Yes, sir! Leave it to me!"
"So that's the situation. What do you think?"
"Thank you! I'll be counting on you all!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Sawyer
"That said, the young master is doing most of the battling."
"We've been making sure that the Trainers and Pokémon get proper rest between battles."
"The young master sure takes after his parents."
"He's strict on himself, just like his father."
"And the way he takes care of his Pokémon and royal subjects is just like his mother."
"Sure. We owe you a great debt."
"Honchkrow here really loved the queen as well."
Honchkrow, too?: "Yep. Because the queen saved his life."
Why?: "Well, because the queen saved him."
"Back when he was still a Murkrow, he snuck into the royal treasure room."
"By the time I caught him, he'd scratched up some of the queen's precious jewels."
"A lot of people thought he deserved to be punished for what he did."
"But the queen showed mercy and spared him that."
"I think ever since, he's tried to return her kindness by keeping an eye on the kingdom and the royal family."
How reliable!/He's a hard worker.: "Yes, but I guess that really should be my job."
"We've had our differences in the past, but we eventually warmed up to each other."
"Now, we're the best of partners!"
"I think that shows just how grateful he felt toward her."
"That's also why it came as such a shock when the queen passed away..."
"I know Honchkrow doesn't understand human speech, but that day, I think he understood what happened because I was crying so much."
"Guess so. The queen also did so much for me, too."
"She's the one who appointed me to be the young master's personal bodyguard."
"Being by the young master's side and watching him grow up taught me so much."
"I just wish..."
"I wish she could've seen how much he's grown..."
"I'm sorry... What a mess."
"The queen is no longer with us...but I try to be extra vigilant when it comes to the young master. For her sake."
"Honchkrow and I won't let her down!"
Pokémon Center
  • Random conversation
"I head the committee that runs the PML. We're also in charge of ensuring the safety and security of Pasio."
"My staff works up a sweat every day patrolling the island to keep everyone safe!"
"If you ever see 'em, I'm sure a few words of encouragement would make their day."
  • Random conversation
"There aren't any wild Pokémon on Pasio. That's something we considered as part of its concept."
"But Hoopa just keeps bringing more and more Pokémon here without any warning..."
"I wish it would think a little more about how that affects our work... We're always having to fix things afterward."
  • Random conversation
"The other day, I proposed a new event to liven things up on Pasio!"
"It was a Muscle Fest, where sync pairs with magnificent muscles can battle to decide who's the strongest."
"But the young master immediately dismissed the idea..."
"I wonder if he hates muscles..."
  • Random conversation
"Rachel's personality is the opposite of mine... She's great at speaking her mind. "
"That's why our ideas clash sometimes. But when it comes to putting the young master first, we're always on the same page."
"She's the best coworker I could ask for. Be nice to her, all right?"
  • Random conversation
"He may not say it out loud, but the young master thinks highly of you."
"I also feel the same way. Please keep battling the young master so you can both grow together!"
"I'm countin' on you, <player>!"
  • Random conversation
"One of my duties is to protect the young master as his bodyguard."
"That's why I never slack off on my workouts. Sometimes, I even wrestle with Bewear!"
"No matter what kind of riffraff comes to this island, I'll protect the young master with my body of steel!"
  • If spoken to again
"If you ever feel like you'd like to start bulking up, just let me know."
"I can put together a regimen for you that'll get you ripped."
"You're always helping us with our events here on Pasio, so consider it a thank-you for doing that. Just say the word!"
  • Random conversation
"I was assigned to watch over the young master soon after he was born. I've watched him grow ever since."
"Maybe because of that, I can be soft on him sometimes. Though really, I'm supposed to step in when he goes too far!"
"I know that I need to be tougher sometimes, but habits are hard to break."
  • If spoken to again
"One day, the young master will take over as king and guide our kingdom in the right direction."
"Just thinking about it makes me... *sniff*"
"I-I'm not crying! *sob*"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, <player>. Doing good, I hope?"
"You could go out and have fun—or even have a battle or two! Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"It's the start of a new morning! Time to patrol the island and make sure nobody disturbs the peace."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I'm always looking for new ways to make things exciting on Pasio. Got any ideas?"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Hahahahah! What a day, eh? If you're feeling tired, don't worry! Days like this only make you stronger!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Good timing. Here, take this."
  • After giving out item
"I hope it helps you out somehow. Consider it a token of appreciation for helping us promote our events!"
  • Special Water-Type Masters high score event conversation with Rachel and Lear
"During the High Score Event, you'll need to meet a number of requirements..."
"as you take on the five battles we've prepared for you."