Santa Claus

Santa Claus
サンタクロース Santa Claus
Santa Claus.png
Santa Claus
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color White
Hometown North Pole
Region Unknown
Anime debut Holiday Hi-Jynx
English voice actor Alexander J. Rose
Japanese voice actor Takkō Ishimori

Santa Claus (Japanese: サンタクロース Santa Claus) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. He is based on the Santa Claus of Christmas holiday fame. He has the same tasks as his real-world counterpart: giving gifts to good children all over the world while traveling on his sleigh. He also lives at the North Pole.

In the anime

Santa Claus first appeared in Holiday Hi-Jynx. Team Rocket attacked Santa's workshop and stole all of the presents, because Jessie was left heartbroken and wanted revenge after her doll was "taken" by one of Santa's Jynx during her childhood. Santa presented Jessie with her now fixed doll, explaining that it had actually been taken for repairs, but they couldn't return it to her as she had stopped believing in Christmas after the incident. Despite this revelation, Team Rocket still pressed ahead with their scheme, though Santa and his Pokémon sent them blasting off.

In Christmas Night, he and his Ponyta-drawn sleigh delivered presents.

In Stantler's Little Helpers, Santa's annual Christmas delivery came to a stop after his faithful Stantler came down with a fever. Pikachu and the other Pokémon located some Berries needed to help Stantler recover, allowing for Christmas to proceed without further incident.

In Delibird's Dilemma, Santa's Delibird was accidentally knocked out of the sky because of Ash's Totodile, and its presents scattered across a town the day before Christmas. Pikachu and the others split up into two search parties and were able to return all of the lost presents to Delibird, who later joined Santa Claus to deliver them in time.


Santa Claus epitomizes the Christmas spirit. Characteristically jolly, Santa is focused on making Christmas good for everyone, and he will also repair any toys found to broken. However, as revealed in Holiday Hi-Jynx, a person must have an open heart and believe in Christmas for Santa to reach them.


Santa has had different Pokémon on different occasions. This listing is of all the Pokémon he has been shown to have.

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On hand


Jynx (multiple)
Santa Claus has multiple Jynx which are used to prepare presents for Christmas. One appeared in Jessie's flashback where she believed it to have stolen her doll when she was young and then went back up the chimney, thinking Santa was a Jynx. Another Jynx appeared to Ash and his friends where it was holding a boot. Ash tried to capture this Jynx but failed. The Jynx telepathically told them she was cleaning the boot at the North Pole when a chunk of ice broke off, causing Jynx to float away. Ash and the others then decided to help her get back to Santa Claus.

When Ash and his friends arrived at the North Pole thanks to a Lapras, Team Rocket had captured all the Jynx at the North Pole as well as Santa Claus. When Jessie confronted the Jynx who stole her doll, it was revealed that the Pokémon was simply trying to repair the doll, which had been broken. The rest of the Jynx took the presents back from Team Rocket and then used Psywave, sending them blasting off. The Jynx is later seen giving Ash and his friends presents. It is last seen putting Team Rocket asleep with a Lovely Kiss.

The Jynx's only collectively known move is Psywave, but at least one also knows Lovely Kiss.

Debut Holiday Hi-Jynx
Voice actors
Japanese Mayumi Tanaka
English Rachael Lillis
Santa Claus's Lapras first appeared when Ash was trying to pull a raft for Jynx to get home. Ash heard a voice, and a large wave pulled him underwater. Lapras appeared to him, and using its telepathic powers, revealed that it was sent by Santa to return the Jynx to the North Pole. After helping Ash and the others there, Team Rocket appeared and fired a net over Lapras and the group.

Later it is seen when Team Rocket are getting away with all the presents. It freezes them with an Ice Beam. Ash regrets not telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas but Lapras says he already knows.

Lapras's only known move is Ice Beam.

Debut Holiday Hi-Jynx
Voice actors
Japanese Chiharu Suzuka
English Rachel Lillis
Santa Claus's Stantler was used to pull Santa's sleigh and deliver the presents on Christmas. It seemed to be a replacement for his Ponyta. It was seen near a cabin where Ash and his friends were staying. They heard a noise and stepped outside to find that Stantler was ill. Santa told them that they needed to find a certain Berry to cure Stantler of its fever. The group quickly began to search for it and eventually found the plant atop a mountain. Pikachu picked it and fed it to Stantler, who soon perked up and proceeded off into the sky.

None of Stantler's moves are known.

Debut Stantler's Little Helpers
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Kōichi Sakaguchi

Delibird was first seen flying in the sky above a big city. Down below, Ash's Pikachu and its friends were bowling with giant snowballs. Ash's Totodile accidentally shot a snowball with Water Gun and it launched into the sky, hitting Delibird and making it fall. Not far away, Meowth and Wobbuffet were walking up a staircase outside a building. Suddenly, Delibird fell from the sky, landing on Meowth and Wobbuffet and waking up a nearby Skarmory. The angry Skarmory blew Delibird away into the sky, knocking it out and causing it to drop all the presents it was carrying. Pikachu and friends quickly found Delibird and Ash's Cyndaquil woke it up by tickling it.

When Delibird first woke up, it was very angry, but Pikachu and Togepi calmed it down. Delibird then realized all of its presents were gone. Pikachu and friends volunteered to help Delibird find the missing presents. They divided into two teams and split up to search the entire city. Sunset soon came, and the two teams reunited and gave Delibird all the presents. After recounting the presents, Delibird realized that one was still missing. With the sun already set, the Pokémon were forced to look for the present in the dark.

They went to a park and looked for the last present. It was spotted in a tree by Ash's Noctowl, but it fell from its beak over a river. Just as it was about to fall in, an Aipom caught it and returned it to Delibird. All of the Pokémon were distracted by a tree lighting, and when they looked around, the Delivery Pokémon was gone. Then they heard bells jingling and looked up; to their surprise, Delibird was flying off in Santa's sleigh. The sleigh flew out of sight, and Delibird happily waved back to its newly made friends.

None of Delibird's moves are known.

Debut Delibird's Dilemma
Voice actors
Japanese Kappei Yamaguchi
English Kappei Yamaguchi

Status unknown

Santa Claus's Ponyta was used to pull Santa's sleigh and deliver the presents on Christmas. It made a cameo in Christmas Night where it was seen delivering presents again.

Ponyta has not made any further appearances since, and seems to have been replaced by Stantler.

None of Ponyta's moves are known.

Debut Holiday Hi-Jynx

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石森達幸 Takkō Ishimori
English Alexander J. Rose
Arabic مروان فرحات Marwan Farhat (Holiday Hi-Jynx)
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen (Holiday Hi-Jynx)
Ossi Ahlapuro (PK06)
Italian Tony Fuochi (Holiday Hi-Jynx)
Riccardo Rovatti (PK08)
Polish Krzysztof Zakrzewski
Spanish Latin America Gerardo Vásquez
Spain Paco Hernández (Holiday Hi-Jynx)
José Ángel Juanes (PK08)

In the manga

Pokémon Newspaper Strip

In Strip 16, when Ash and his Pikachu were sleeping at his room, they heard Santa Claus making noise and saying, "Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now—" Ash did not recognize Santa Claus, and commanded Pikachu to "shut up" the person making that noise. Pikachu attacked Santa Claus with electricity, causing the noise to stop. Ash then remarked, "What kind of a jerk would make such a ruckus on Christmas Eve...?"

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