Radiant Pokémon (TCG)

Radiant Pokémon (Japanese: かがやくポケモン Sparkling Pokémon) is a classification of Pokémon cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game introduced in the Astral Radiance expansion. Radiant Pokémon cards feature Shiny Pokémon and are identified by an exclusive foil in all of its cards. These Pokémon have powerful attacks and Abilities and are always Basic Pokémon.

An example of a Radiant Pokémon

Players cannot have more than one Radiant Pokémon card in their deck. However, the "Radiant" naming is part of the card's name, so one player can have, for example, 4 Gardevoir cards and 1 Radiant Gardevoir card in the same deck. Radiant Pokémon are considered to be Pokémon with a Rule Box.

Pokémon that have appeared as Radiant Pokémon

Radiant Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Radiant Heatran     Astral Radiance     027/189 Battle Region     011/067
Radiant Greninja     Astral Radiance     046/189 Battle Region     026/067
        VSTAR Universe     033/172
        Ruler of the Black Flame Deck Build Box     004/038
        Ancient Koraidon ex Starter Deck & Build Set     006/053
        Future Miraidon ex Starter Deck & Build Set     003/053
        Battle Master Deck Chien-Pao ex     003/019
Radiant Hawlucha     Astral Radiance     081/189 Battle Region     043/067
Radiant Venusaur     Pokémon GO     004/078 Pokémon GO     004/071
Radiant Charizard     Pokémon GO     011/078 Pokémon GO     011/071
Crown Zenith     020/159 VSTAR Universe     015/172
        Ruler of the Black Flame Deck Build Box     001/038
        Battle Master Deck Terastal Charizard ex     003/021
Radiant Blastoise     Pokémon GO     018/078 Pokémon GO     018/071
Radiant Eevee     SWSH Black Star Promos     SWSH230 Pokémon GO     055/071
Radiant Gardevoir     Lost Origin     069/196 Dark Phantasma     027/071
        VSTAR Universe     055/172
Radiant Hisuian Sneasler     Lost Origin     123/196 Dark Phantasma     046/071
Radiant Steelix     Lost Origin     124/196 Dark Phantasma     050/071
Radiant Tsareena     Silver Tempest     016/195 Incandescent Arcana     009/068
Radiant Alakazam     Silver Tempest     059/195 Incandescent Arcana     031/068
Radiant Jirachi     Silver Tempest     120/195 Incandescent Arcana     045/068
Radiant Charjabug     Crown Zenith     051/159 VSTAR Universe     039/172
Radiant Eternatus     Crown Zenith     105/159 VSTAR Universe     115/172

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