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Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trainer Video

The video tape's box

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trainer Video is a promotional VHS tape that was given out during the early years of the Pokémon Trading Card Game in North America. It serves as a tutorial teaching players how to play the game.


Pokémon Theme opens up the video. After this, a girl gives a short introduction, explaining what a collectible card game is, and talking about the contents of the video. The rest of the video is broken up into segments. There are two main segments. The first segment features a boy trying to teach a classroom full of parents how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The second segment features a girl who directs two parents through an actual game. In both these segments, the instructors have trouble with the parents, often failing to get the parents to listen to them, as the adults are depicted as incompetent. These segments are broken up by other segments, which either have a kid explaining various parts of the game to the audience, or a kid talking about themselves and their interests, including Pokémon. By the end of the video, both kids have some success in teaching the parents. Near the end, a bunch of kids recite the Team Rocket motto. At the end, a boy explains Leagues and suggest the viewers look into them. The video ends with Pokémon Theme playing again, and a commercial for the Pokémon Trading Card Game League.


  • Pokémon Theme retains only a few shots from the anime opening. Most of the animated footage is replaced with footage taken from the rest of the video.

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