Poké Snack

The Poké Snack (Japanese: ポケまんま Poké Bites) is an item exclusive to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It is a brand of Pokémon food developed by Duking, and is used to attract wild Pokémon to Poké Spots.

Poké Snack
Poké Bites
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Poké Snack
Pokémon XD model
Introduced in Generation III
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In the games


Games Cost Sell price
XD $300 $150


Manual activation

The player can place up to ten Poké Snacks on the tray present at each of the three Poké Spots to attract wild Pokémon to the location. The player's P★DA will tell the player how many Poké Snacks are present at each Poké Spot at any given time, as well as alert the player if a wild Pokémon has been attracted to them. The more Poké Snacks present at a Poké Spot, the longer the wild Pokémon will stay there. Once all the Poké Snacks have been eaten from the tray, the wild Pokémon will leave. The player can also remove Poké Snacks from the tray and return them to their Bag.

Occasionally, a Munchlax belonging to the Herbalist from Gateon Port will appear and eat the player's Poké Snacks instead. In case of such an event, the Herbalist will appear and make up for the lost Poké Snacks by giving the player ten new ones, regardless of how many Munchlax had eaten.

After the Bonsly on S.S. Libra has run away, the Bonsly may appear in place of a wild Pokémon at a Poké Spot with Poké Snacks in it. If the player approaches Bonsly slowly enough, they can capture it and return it to its owner at ONBS. If they approach it too fast, it will run away.

Held item

The Poké Snack cannot be held. This is to prevent it being held by a Pokémon traded to the core series games, where the item does not exist.


Games Description
XD A delicious treat that is irresistible to wild Pokémon.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
XD Rock Poké Spot (from Duking during the first visit) Any Poké Mart (after resolving the ONBS crisis)
Any Poké Spot (from the Herb Shop owner if her Munchlax eats the player's bait)



Model of ten Poké Snacks in
Pokémon XD

In other languages

Language Title
  French Poké Snack
  German Pokésnack
  Italian Poké Snack
  Spanish Poké Dulce

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