If you were looking for the non-damaging Rock-type move, see Sandstorm (move).
VS Kirikizan
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 46
Round number 481
Location Castelia Gate
Route 4
Previous Round At Liberty on Liberty Garden
Next Round To Make a Musical

Sandstorm (Japanese: VSキリキザン VS Kirikizan or 砂漠 Desert) is the 481st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Black and White arrive on Route 4 after finding their next target is Nimbasa City. However, a sandstorm hinders their progress, and as White runs off to go buy sandstorm gear, Black sits at the library to study for his next Gym battle. He quickly runs into a group of Workers taking a break, playing a game of card flip. After a brief chat, the person who organized the card flip points at a Drilbur in the site, and tells Black to guess which side of the line his Bisharp created the Drilbur will pop up next. However, after a Worker falls in the holes dug by Drilbur, the person organizing the game realizes that he must be a fake Worker. After a short battle where Maractus is defeated by Bisharp, the fake Worker's identity is revealed as a Team Plasma Grunt. Shortly after, Black figures out the person organizing the Drilbur game is Grimsley of the Elite Four. He asks for a battle to get information, but if Black loses, he'll have to give up all of his Badges.

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