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Ruby & Sapphire arc
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Assaulted by Pelipper I
Cessation of Volcanic Activity
VS ペリッパー I
VS Pelipper I
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 214 in Vol. 17
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 214 in Vol. 17
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Mt. Chimney

Assaulted by Pelipper I (Japanese: VS ペリッパー I VS Pelipper I), titled VS Pelipper in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 214th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 34th chapter of the Ruby & Sapphire arc. It is subtitled Cessation of Volcanic Activity (Japanese: 火山活動停止 Volcanic Activity Suspended) in the VIZ Media translation and Volcano No More in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Shelly and Professor Cozmo arrive at Mt. Chimney, where Amber greets Professor Cozmo and introduces himself as one of the 'SSS' members of Team Aqua. Cozmo is impressed by the machine they've set up to stop the volcano's activity, and Amber explains that according to their data, the sea levels in Hoenn have been falling for a year, and they have a responsibility to correct the imbalance. This is why they need Cozmo's meteorite—to power their machine.

As everything is being set up, however, a cable car arrives at the top of the mountain that has Matt, his Azumarill, and his Sharpedo, all unconscious and smashed against the shattered front window of the cable car. Amber realizes that Matt has failed to stop Sapphire, and lies to a frightened Cozmo that Matt has been attacked by enemy forces during his mission. Amber's task was to oversee the experiment, Shelly's was to bring in the professor, and Matt was supposed to negotiate with the 'enemy forces,' which clearly hasn't gone well. As Matt is carried away on a stretcher, Amber tells Cozmo that it's too dangerous here and that Shelly will protect him while Amber stays behind to deal with the enemy. He calls out his Pelipper and flies off.

Sapphire and Flannery are on their way on Tropius, and spot the machine atop Mt. Chimney. Sapphire has Troppy use Razor Leaf to scatter the Team Aqua Grunts below, but before they can attack the machine itself, Amber interferes with his Pelipper's Hydro Pump. As Tropius and Pelipper battle in the sky, Shelly urges Professor Cozmo to set up the meteorite inside the machine as fast as possible.

Flannery tells Sapphire to get past Amber and go for the machine, but Sapphire says she can't—Amber is feinting, pretending to fight badly and staying defensive, only attacking when they head for the machine in order to keep them at a distance. Unable to get in close range, Sapphire orders Troppy to use Magical Leaf, an attack that never misses. Unfortunately, it hits the machine just after Cozmo finishes setting up the meteorite, so the machine's defenses block the attack. With the machine successfully activated, Amber reveals that he was deliberately fighting badly in order to fool Cozmo and buy them time to activate the machine.

The machine begins working immediately and shoots a blast of energy into the heart of the volcano. Soon, the hot springs in Lavaridge Town begin cooling off, and Mt. Chimney stops emitting smoke and ash. The townspeople begin to panic as they realize their whole town is going cold. However, there is one person who is pleased—Archie, the leader of Team Aqua. With Mt. Chimney now dormant, the energy balance in Hoenn has been tipped against the land, bringing the slumbering Kyogre that much closer to awakening.

The counter of the bet continues at 49 days.

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PS213 : Bubble Bubble Toil and Azumarill II
Ruby & Sapphire arc
PS215 : Assaulted by Pelipper II
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