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Brushing Past Breloom
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VS キノガッサ
VS Kinogassa
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 186 in Vol. 15
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 186 in Vol. 15
Series Pokémon Adventures

Brushing Past Breloom (Japanese: VS キノガッサ VS Kinogassa), titled VS Breloom in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 186th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the sixth chapter of the Ruby & Sapphire arc. It is subtitled Ruby and Wally (Japanese: ルビーとミツル Ruby and Mitsuru) in the VIZ Media translation and Ruby and Wally in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Ruby tries to keep the boy he met quiet as he hides from his father. As Ruby tries to prevent the boy from exposing the both of them, a wild Breloom attacks Norman, only to be easily defeated by his Vigoroth. Norman reveals that he knew that the boy that Ruby met, now revealed to be named Wally, was there the entire time and, as such, makes him come out of hiding.

Wally asks if Norman came to teach him how to capture Pokémon, but Norman refuses because he wasn't informed of Wally's illness. Due to Wally being sick and his parents making him move to a faraway place to get better, Norman can't ensure that Wally will be safe. Norman quickly senses another presence and has his Slaking try to sniff it out.

Using Kiki, Ruby manages to escape but notices that Wally has collapsed. Ruby takes Wally back home, where Wally's parents apologize for what Wally had done. Wally apologizes to Ruby for causing so much trouble but guesses that his parents must not have wanted him to capture a Pokémon and asks Norman to refuse his request. Angered, Ruby decides to show Wally's parents just what their son can do and invites Wally to capture a Pokémon. Ruby lends his Ralts, Rara, to Wally, at the cost of not getting her dirty.

Major events

  • Norman refuses Wally's request to help him capture a Pokémon.
  • Ruby takes the injured Wally back home and offers to help him capture a Pokémon.
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PS185 : Nixing Nuzleaf
Ruby & Sapphire arc
PS187 : Tongue-Tied Kecleon
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